RHOSLC: Former Members Say Mary Cosby Is Running A Cult Not A Church

Mary Cosby from The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is being called a cult leader by former members of her church. Since season one of the Bravo series aired late last year, viewers have been curious about the legitimacy of Mary's church. The place of worship has been in her family since before she was alive. It has made her family very wealthy over the years. Mary became the First Lady of her church, and Mary's family owns a string of restaurants, which also contribute to the family's fortune.

Nonetheless, viewers are finding it hard to believe that having a church allows one to afford all the luxuries Mary flaunts onscreen. Not only does she have a closet filled with designer labels, but Mary has mentioned that she and her husband Robert Cosby Sr. own several houses throughout the country, including homes in Florida and New York City. Viewers are skeptical that the First Lady of a church makes enough money to live in the type of luxury that Mary does.

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In an exposé published at The Daily Beast on Thursday (via Page Six) former members of her church are accusing the reality star of running a cult at the Cosby’s Faith Temple Pentecostal Church. The former members made some shocking allegations about Mary and their experience worshiping at her church. "I think it’s an abomination," the First Lady's own uncle Ernest Walton said, referring to her institution as a "cult." He continued, "Everything’s coming out into the light now and everything’s coming down." According to those who left her religious institution, Mary, who accused RHOSLC's Heather of being racist, reportedly refers to herself as God. She also allegedly manipulates those within the church to work for her family businesses for free, or for minimum wage. She allegedly also frequently tells them they will be condemned to hell for various reasons, such as leaving the church and not donating enough money to the congregation.

Former church member Abby (who left at 22-years-old in the late 1990s) called the Utah-based institution "a joke," revealing that Mary has everyone there "terrified" of her. She even referred to Mary as "the most evil thing that ever walked this Earth." Another former member, Ralph Arnold Jr., said that all Mary, who fell asleep during the reunion, does during her sermons is scream at the members. She supposedly "mentally abuses them into submission." They are alleging that the Salt Lake City housewife is using her power in the church to gain money from her members. Mary is accused of forcing her congregation to donate a certain amount of money, and when they don't, she shames them. One former member wasn't able to celebrate Christmas as a child because her parents gave all their money to Mary. At the end of the exposé, Ralph Arnold Jr. offered a word of warning. pleading with members to run away from Mary's congregation and "protect whatever faith they may still have."

While all this information is alleged, these accusations against Mary, who is reportedly wealthy, have been circulating for almost a year now. Viewers were already questioning her church when the press release announcing RHOSLC was published. After the show had aired, fans were just as suspicious. It's likely that the cast will be addressing the allegations on RHOSLC season 2.

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