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Violence is common in the drug trade and since Ozark focuses on this particular area, killings occur quite frequently. Whenever the show sheds off of a few of its characters, there is rarely any uproar because the departed ones often had it coming. The killings also provide much-needed plot twists.

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However, there are dead characters that could have added more value to the show if they stayed around much longer. These characters either had great story arcs unfolding right before they get killed or had intriguing aspects to them. Their deaths can't be unturned but it's impossible not to wonder what could have been.

10 Gary "Sugarwood" Silverberg

Wendy paints herself as something of a villain right from the pilot episode when she is revealed to be cheating on Marty with Sugarwood. He plans to make her leave her family and flee with her but that is halted when Del throws him out of an 80th-floor window.

The manner in which Sugarwood is killed is iconic, acting as a great hook for fans on the fence in the pilot episode. However, the affair is what symbolizes just how strained Marty and Wendy's marriage has become, proving that neither was actually the hero. It would've been interesting to see how the show would've played out if Sugarwood remained alive.

9 Del

The Navarro cartel lieutenant murders Marty's business associates for stealing money that they were laundering before entrusting the main character with the same task. He is eventually shot by Darlene for referring to her as a "redneck."

Del's death is unfortunate because he is not only the most interesting character in Season 1 but arguably the best villain the show has ever had. Since he had just made a very lucrative deal with the Snells in the Season 1 finale, the business relationship between the two parties should have played out for several episodes. That's until egos couldn't handle the butting of heads anymore, encouraging one to take out the other.

8 Pastor Mason Young

Lacking funds to build a church, Pastor Mason Young resorts to preaching on boats on the waters of Lake Ozark. He soon gets into a conflict with Marty and kidnaps Wendy, forcing Marty to shoot him.

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Even though Young acts irrationally by kidnapping Wendy, he does it because he has been pushed too far. Not have been his hymnals been used to smuggle drugs without his knowledge but his family has been taken away from him for putting his morality first. It's mostly the Snells' fault but Marty is partly responsible for that. Since he is one of the few and rare incorruptible characters, keeping him around would have been better in order to dilute the concentrated evil on the show.

7 Sue Shelby

Wendy and Marty Byrde begin seeing the therapist Sue when their daughter Charlotte grows tired of their arguments and demands that they do something. Sue quickly learns that they are criminals and in one of the biggest plot twists in Ozark, she blackmails them. Not impressed, the cartel swiftly murders her.

Sue's death is regrettable because the Byrdes clearly need a professional to talk to. They've been arguing for so long and their problems only keep getting worse. Sue is also not the ordinary "Dr. Melfi" type of therapist as she is a schemer and opportunist who not only sees it fit to accept bribes to root for a particular spouse in a therapy session but also to blackmail her clients and buy a McLaren 570s from the proceeds. Having her as a recurring great not because an elderly woman in a yellow supercar on the lonely Ozark roads is an interesting thing to see but because she could have helped plunge the Byrdes further into disarray.

6 Agent Roy Petty

The FBI agent arrives in the Ozarks to investigate Marty's activities and tries to bully Ruth and Rachel into helping him. During an argument, Cade kills him and sinks his body in water.

Being killed off while making great investigative strides is definitely one of the things that make no sense about Roy in Ozark. He is the most important LGBTQ+ character on the show too and that's another reason why his death feels like a huge loss. His romantic relationships with Trevor Evans and Russ Langmore have several heartwarming moments, leaving fans yearning for more cupid strikes.

5 Jacob Snell

Together with his wife, Darlene, Jacob is deep into the heroin business. But unlike Darlene, he values peace, so he tries to kill her to put an end to the chairs she brings. Unfortunately for him, she senses this plan early and poisons his coffee.

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Jacob's death is sad because he is trying to do the right thing. As a villain, Darlene has veered into the territories of psychotic and disturbing, making her a character viewers aren't so fond of. There's no doubt that Jacob would have made a much better drug kingpin since he understands the importance of partnerships and a peaceful environment to conduct business.

4 Ben Davis

Wendy's brother Ben arrives in the Ozarks after getting fired from his teaching job. He charms everyone around, even managing to seduce the ever-tough Ruth. Informing Erin that her mother Hellen works for the Navarro Cartel is the decision that costs him his life. An angry Hellen demands blood and Wendy obliges.

Ben makes reckless decisions but these are related to his bipolar disorder so he isn't entirely at fault. Ben clearly deserves better than to be left to die by his own sister. As for his decision to tell Erin about Hellen's job, it's only something he does because he is tired of all the crime going on around him. A much more pleasant storyline should have involved Wendy doing everything to save him.

3 Bruce Liddell

Among the things viewers forgot from the first episode of Ozark is that Marty has a business partner named Bruce, who steals $8 million from the Navarro cartel. Sadly, he is quickly executed by Del.

Before these events, Bruce proves to be a colorful character with business acumen. It is he who first brings up the idea to invest in the Ozarks during a chat with Marty. Most importantly, he is smart enough to not leave traces of theft. The cartel actually has no idea that money is being stolen. Del only shows up to intimidate Marty and his team because he is bored, leading to the revelations. Bruce's death comes off as a waste of a character that could have conjured up more dirty schemes like Marty.

2 Buddy Dyker

Buddy is the original owner of the lakefront house that the Byrdes purchase when they move to the Ozarks. Since he has less than two years to live because of a heart ailment, he requests to stay in the basement until his death. He eventually dies after destroying a poppy field belonging to the Snells.

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The elderly man is the nicest character on the show. All members of the Byrde family grow to like him and he proves useful too. He fends off a cartel hitman on one occasion and helps the Byrdes settle a couple of their feuds. His staying around for long would have meant offering the Byrdes more guidance, something they clearly lacked.

1 Helen Pierce

Navarro Cartel lawyer Helen Pierce is sent to the Ozarks to check if the Byrdes are doing as instructed but she grows greedy and tries to take over the cartel operations in the area. For this, her boss and one of the richest characters in Ozark, Omar Navarro, has her shot.

The manner in which Helen's death scene is executed by the show's choreography team is enough to leave any viewer impressed. Nonetheless, she is deceitful and ruthless enough as a secondary antagonist to deserve to be alive until events wrap up. Marty is smart but Helen always seems to bring him to his knees. Her friendship with Wendy also widens the canyon between the Byrdes, making their 'Wife Vs Husband" arc even more interesting.

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