One Tree Hill: 10 Most Relatable Storylines On The Show

While One Tree Hill explores the daily life of young adulthood, there are definitely many storylines that seem far-fetched and hard to relate to. From Haley going on tour as a singer while still in high school to Nanny Carrie stalking Jamie, many plotlines are so out there that viewers can't always see themselves in the characters.

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But while many One Tree Hill storylines seem a little silly, there are many times when the main characters go through the trials of everyday life that viewers have also experienced themselves.

10 Haley Tutors Nathan In English

The One Tree Hill episodes about Nathan and Haley are fan favorites as they grow to care so much about each other. It's interesting to think that their love story begins when Nathan desperately needs to do well in English and Haley ends up tutoring him.

It's relatable that Haley would want to help, as many people play this role at school, work, or in their friend group. Many people can also see themselves in Nathan as no one is great at every single thing that they do. It's important that Nathan is willing to reach out to someone so he can succeed.

9 Dan And Deb Get Divorced

Nathan's parents Dan and Deb are definitely toxic and it's welcome news when they announce that they're getting divorced in season 1. In the episode "The First Cut Is The Deepest," Nathan is tasked with picking which parent he wants to live with, and things get ugly when Dan says that if he doesn't choose him, he'll share some deep truths about Deb.

Many teenagers unfortunately see their parents getting divorced, making this one of the most relatable One Tree Hill plotlines. Watching parents go through this in high school is especially tough and emotional as it's already such an unstable and chaotic time full of change.

8 Lucas Loses His Beloved Uncle

In one of the most heartbreaking scenes, Dan shoots and kills his brother Keith, which Lucas never forgives him for. This is particularly harsh because Lucas's mom Karen is in love with Keith.

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Many people can sadly relate to losing a close relative and grieving Keith is a huge blow for Lucas since he felt like a father to him. The rest of Lucas's high school days are deeply affected by this loss and he doesn't even feel right about joining the basketball team again or resuming his normal activities.

7 Peyton Starts A Business That Isn't Smooth Sailing

Peyton changes on One Tree Hill but never loses her love for music, and in season 5, she starts a record label called Red Bedroom Records that seems like a total dream come true.

The dream isn't without some issues, though, as she signs a musician named Mia who isn't very nice. Peyton wonders if this is even going to work out and her self-doubt and worry are very relatable. Anyone who starts their own company or even just goes after a dream job can definitely see themselves in Peyton's struggles.

6 Haley And Nathan Encourage Jamie's Basketball Career

It's very meaningful when a child follows in their parents' footsteps and explores an interest or skill, and in the series finale of the show, the friends cheer Jamie on as he plays high school basketball.

This is not only a sweet storyline and great conclusion, but parents can relate to wanting their child to love something that they have always enjoyed. It means a lot to Nathan to see his son become a talented athlete, just like him.

5 Brooke Thinks About Moving To L.A. With Julian

Out of Brooke's One Tree Hill love interests, Julian is truly the one for her, and in season 6, he asks if she would consider living in Los Angeles with him.

While they do settle down in Tree Hill, which feels like the right choice since fans love this cozy small town, it's common to think about moving away or wanting to explore a totally new city. It's even more common to do so because of a relationship or job, which is the case here.

4 Brooke Has Trouble Getting Pregnant

It's beautiful watching Brooke and Julian raise their twins after so much trial, struggle, and pain. When Brooke is told that she can't have kids herself, she's incredibly sad about the future that she had always imagined and afraid of what this news could mean.

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Fertility problems are unfortunately and tragically common, making this a relatable topic that the show discusses through Brooke's relationship with Julian. Thankfully, Brooke makes it through and finds a happy ending and is able to start her family.

3 The Friends Celebrate Halloween

It's always fun to watch characters celebrate the holidays and the season 8 episode "Not Afraid" sees Brooke and Julian getting prepared for Halloween.

While a lot of what the One Tree Hill characters go through is very intense, even verging on the supernatural, everyone can relate to wanting October 31st to be a fun, entertaining, and just spooky enough day. While Brooke is upset over saying goodbye to her company Clothes Over Bros, Julian cheers her up by sharing how special the holiday is: "Today is Halloween. Even though its a highly over rated creepy witch holiday, the one perk that it is you don't know who you are. You can be anyone you want today."

2 Brooke And Peyton Return To Their Hometown

Brooke and Peyton's love triangle with Lucas may create some fascinating drama over the years, but thankfully the best friends pull through and are able to save their friendship. At the beginning of season 5, which has a time jump a few years after high school, the friends return to Tree Hill for good.

Many people move away for college or work and then decide that they would rather settle down in their hometown, as the promise of home is super comforting. This is something that several viewers can relate to as they have likely made the same choice.

1 Brooke Struggles With Her Future Mother-In-Law

Joining two families together can be a tricky thing, and while weddings are meant to be happy events, couples often get stressed out when planning this special day. Of course, when meeting future-in-laws, sometimes things don't go very well, and Brooke is relatable when she has trouble getting along with Julian's mom Sylvia in the season 8 episode "Luck Be A Lady."

Sylvia is mean and judgemental, sharing her opinion on everything from the wedding venue (she doesn't believe in an outdoor wedding with a tent) to choosing a photographer who isn't Haley's sister Quinn. Brooke does her best, but it makes sense that she becomes increasingly frustrated over what is supposed to be such a wonderful day.

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