Nintendo Switch Online Will Still Add Game Boy Color Games, Says Insider

An insider has suggested that Game Boy and Game Boy Color games will still be added to Nintendo's online service. The service allows subscribers to play titles from Nintendo's older catalogues on the Nintendo Switch, such as the SNES and NES. The leak comes just days after a Nintendo Direct that announced the inclusion of Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis titles, which players will be able to play next month at a higher price than the base subscription fee.

Originally released in 1989 and 1998, respectively, the Game Boy and Game Boy Color are some of Nintendo's best handheld consoles. Both of them tout an impressive library of games, including The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Super Mario Land, and Final Fantasy Adventure. The handhelds also helped kickstart the successful Pokémon franchise and are home to a total of six Pokémon games. Following the success of the Game Boy and Game Boy Color, Nintendo established a dominant position in the handheld market. Nintendo seems to have capitalized on this success with the Switch by making it a hybrid that can be played both as a traditional home and handheld console. Many have noted that its versatility would make it a great hub for Nintendo's handheld libraries.

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Now, new information has come forth that corroborates the rumors of Game Boy and Game Boy Color coming to the Switch. Eurogamer news editor Tom Phillips (via Nintendo Life) mentioned on Twitter that the Nintendo 64 and Genesis were also included in the information leak prior to the recent Nintendo Direct. Although there is no explanation given as to why they came first, Phillips believes this is likely because the Nintendo 64 and Genesis are better choices when convincing people to upgrade their Switch online subscription. Should Game Boy and Game Boy Color come to the Switch, it is uncertain if they would also be included in the higher subscription fee.

The virtual console library on the Switch has been an interesting way for Nintendo to extend its video game library, but many users have expressed their disappointment in its recent obscure additions to the NES and SNES libraries, while some much more well-known games like Super Mario RPG are left out. On top of this, the online service severely lacks what other competitors, like Sony and Microsoft, have had for well over a decade now. Spotty connections make it difficult to play efficiently for multiplayer games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. and Splatoon 2, and the lack of features like achievement and trophy support has frustrated some achievement hunters who like to have something to show for their time spent in a game.

Nintendo has been working to improve Nintendo Switch Online, although it is unclear just how it intends to do that. Adding Game Boy and Game Boy Color games, however, would be an excellent start, especially since the library is a bit more difficult to access. Game preservation is always an excellent way to introduce older games to newer generations who may not have accessibility to these libraries as easily as others, and it allows older generations to replay their most beloved titles. With Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, and potentially Game Boy and Game Boy Color coming to the Switch, players should have a plethora of classics to revisit in the future.

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Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games are coming to Nintendo Switch Online in late October.

Source: Nintendo Life, Tom Phillips/Twitter

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