New Star Wars Game Rumored To Be Made By Detroit: Become Human Dev

Detroit: Become Human developer Quantic Dream has supposedly signed a contract with Disney to work on a brand-new Star Wars game. This news comes after the Paris-based company wrapped up its three-game deal with Sony back in 2019. Quantic Dream also became fully independent last February.

Founded by French game designer and writer David Cage in 1997, Quantic Dreams is largely known for its narrative-based titles that often blur the line between video game and interactive movie. The studio gained notoriety with 2005’s supernatural noir title Fahrenheit (known in the States as Indigo Prophecy) and has since honed its interactive narrative approach with a trio of PlayStation-exclusive titles consisting of the 2010 murder mystery Heavy Rain, the 2013 paranormal coming-of-age parable Beyond: Two Souls, and 2018’s futuristic robot drama Detroit: Become Human. Quantic Dreams games are known for featuring branching paths and multiple endings, and more infamously for bizarre twists that come seemingly out of nowhere - as well as the studio itself having some very real legal troubles with allegations of an unsafe working environment around Detroit: Become Human.

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If a recent report by VGC is to be believed, Quantic Dream could be headed to a Galaxy Far, Far, Away for its next genre-busting interactive adventure. Earlier this week, French Youtuber Gautoz claimed that Quantic Dreams signed an exclusive deal with Disney to begin work on a new Star Wars game. Notable game industry insider Tom Henderson seemed to corroborate this claim on Twitter yesterday, posting a cryptic mashup image of two Lightsabers in front of Detroit: Become Human antagonist Daniel, but there has yet to be any official confirmation on this mystery project.

These rumors come at a crossroads period for Star Wars-based video games, as Lucasfilm recently announced that it would be ending its divisive exclusive deal with EA and allowing publishers to pitch their own ideas for new titles set in the iconic Star Wars universe. In addition to the expected sequel to 2019’s hit Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and the recently announced remake to the classic 2003 RPG Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic, Ubisoft is currently working on an open-world Star Wars game, but details about what this new title is about are still few and far between.

Nothing has been officially confirmed about Quantic Dreams and Disney working together on a new Star Wars game, but it's worth noting that Quantic Dreams isn't shy about exploring deep philosophical themes in titles like Detroit: Become Human - something that Star Wars is all too familiar with given that the never-ending struggle between the Light and Dark Sides of the Force is one of the main driving factors in the franchise. It would certainly be interesting to see what Quantic Dreams does with the Star Wars universe, should these rumors of the studio working on a new Star Wars game be true.

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Source: VGC, Tom Henderson/Twitter, Gautoz/YouTube

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