New iPad mini Price: Here's How Much Apple's Smallest Tablet Now Costs

Apple has now announced a new iPad mini model for 2021 and along with the newer version comes an increase in price. However, the higher cost does also result in a number of improvements that might make the new smaller iPad worth the purchase for some consumers. Here's how much interested buyers should expect to pay for the new iPad mini 6.

The previous iPad mini launched in 2019 and brought with it a variety of improvements over earlier versions, while continuing to offer a smaller display than what’s available with other iPad models, including the original iPad. Similar to the smaller size, the price was also on the smaller side as well, considering the iPad mini 5 could be picked up from as little as $399 in the US.

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With the latest iPad mini 6, Apple has confirmed a price increase as the base Wi-Fi model now costs $499. For those wanting to upgrade to the Wi-Fi plus Cellular version, the starting price increases to $649, representing another increase compared to the $529 original asking price for the Wi-Fi plus Cellular iPad mini 5. Of course, these are just the starting prices, with the cost increasing even more if opting to upgrade the storage of either the Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi plus Cellular models to 256GB.

Although the iPad mini 6 costs more than the previous version did at launch, that's not to say they are the same devices. One of the most notable differences is the chip inside as the new model comes equipped with an A15 Bionic chip. This is a major improvement over the A12 chip included with the iPad mini 5 and should result in some substantial improvements in performance and battery life. Officially, Apple states the newer chip offers up to 80-percent faster performance making the small tablet the company’s “most capable iPad mini ever.” In addition, the newer model also gets a boost in screen real estate with the size of the display having now increased from 7.9 inches to 8.3 inches. A USB-C port has also been included for good measure, as has 5G support.

While it is unfortunate that the newer iPad mini costs more, it is notable improvement over the previous generation. With a larger and new all-screen design, as well as improvements to the performance and connectivity, Apple’s iPad mini 6 looks like a highly capable tablet that still offers the smaller footprint that the mini line has become known for. Of course, for those that do find the asking price to be a little on the high side, Apple is also offering a new standard iPad for 2021 and that model has not encountered a price increase this time, with the base model starting at $329 in the US.

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