My Hero Academia Saved Deku From Darkness (And That's A Bad Thing)

Warning! Spoilers ahead for My Hero Academia chapter 327!

My Hero Academia just dissipated the darkness that has been overwhelming Deku for so long and somehow resolved both his own pain and the pain he inflicted on others immediately upon his return to U.A. High as though the last chapters never happened. While great for the young student, this is an unfortunate development for the plot made at the expense of innovation, overturning the manga's most ambitious storyline that challenged the series' status quo by returning to beleaguered tropes and slapstick humor.

The majority of My Hero Academia transpires at U.A. High. Even though class 1-A participates in rather daring missions that well exceed their own experience and skillsets while taking them off school grounds, it's always for a short amount of time (especially in comparison to the amount of chapters that take place at the school) and then everything always resets after these excursions conclude. So when the series' light-hearted tone and overall formula shifted after Deku decided to shoulder the burden as All Might's successor alone, it was unexpected and exciting for My Hero Academia, mirroring Harry Potter when the eponymous wizard leaves Hogwarts to collect the Horcruxes.

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Deku's solo journey is murky, not only negatively affecting how he acts, but also how he looks. Many people who witness him in this state can't even believe he's a hero since the dark transformation Deku underwent just screams "villain." Undoubtedly the most shocking change to his personality is when Deku brushes his childhood hero and teacher All Might aside when all the former hero wants is to make sure his student got some rest. Even when Deku's classmates try to bring him back to school, he fights them. His friends only get him back because he literally faints in Bakugo's arms and is too tired to resist. But in chapter 327, everything returns back to normal as though nothing happened, making the last chapters completely irrelevant.

The dynamic between Deku and his friends is exactly the same as before in this chapter. His classmates joke around and are rendered in an overly cartoonish style that's proprietary to Shonen and Shojo manga to depict extreme feelings ridiculously. They even rinse Deku down in a humorous, almost violent, way that's reminiscent of the manner in which they have played pranks on each other in the past. The only negative element throughout the chapter is that Deku can't sleep because he feels bad about how he treated All Might during his decline. But even this is resolved. All Might just so happens to be watching his students creepily from the window as Deku voices this concern and jumps in to quickly forgive him. Deku is so relieved by this turn of events, especially when he apologizes to All Might, that he falls right asleep.

Some fans were rightfully concerned when the prospect of Deku returning to U.A. High became more likely as it would undoubtedly herald exactly what ends up actually transpiring in chapter 327. The only positive from Deku being at the school is that readers will get the chance to see U.A. High transform into a robot much sooner upon All For One's inevitable assault against the campus ensues. But why resolve and essentially erase everything that occurred in the previous chapters? Why allow Deku to quickly make amends with All Might? Why not have Deku's darkness fester inside of him for a little longer? Hopefully, all of the near-impossible strides Deku accomplishes within too short a timespan in chapter 327 are only temporary before he reverts back and spiral into a deep depression. There are so many things that My Hero Academia does right. It would be a shame if this isn't one of them.

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