My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Defends Herself From Online Trolls

Whitney Way Thore is tired of being bullied by online trolls as My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans watched her defend herself on Instagram. Whitney has always been one to stick up for the underdog, but now it is her turn to stand up for herself. TLC viewers have loved Whitney's honest journey and wouldn't want anyone to take that away from her.

The premise of My Big Fat Fabulous Life was to show a larger woman living her best life, and thus far, Whitney has done an excellent job. She has continued to dance, started No BS Active, and found love all while starring on reality TV. Whitney has had a few setbacks, including her breakup with Chase Severino, but all in all, she lives a pretty wonderful life in Greensboro. TLC viewers appreciate the insight she brings to a community that struggles on a daily basis. An essential life lesson Whitney has taught her fans is to love the skin you are in.

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The dancer has had an uphill battle when it comes to being accepted as a larger woman. Numerous episodes of My Big Fat Fabulous Life have shown Whitney being called horrendous names by strangers. This week, Whitney had to take matters into her own hands and call out trolls who have been harassing her on Instagram. Whitney shared some extremely hateful messages while making it clear these kinds of attacks on a reality star or a stranger are just not okay, saying, "I would really implore some of y'all to use your critical thinking skills, understand that tv is entertainment." Check out her post below:

The negativity towards Whitney stemmed from a recent episode that showed her firing her best friend, Ashley, after working as an administrator for Whitney's business. The hate came in hard and quick as the TLC personality shared the episode just showed a small part of the friend's conversation. According to Whitney, Ashley had a full-time job and was working for No BS Active for a short time during the pandemic. Whitney made sure to address the mean comments noting that Ashley did not lose her livelihood.

Whitney was so heated by the multiple attacks that she even pointed out each episode is edited down into 45 minutes and crafted by editors out in Los Angeles. It's clear Whitney felt she had to explain the show is meant for entertainment and her friendships should not be called into question. She pleaded with followers to stop hurling their abuse towards her online and just to do better.

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My Big Fat Fabulous Life airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.

Source: Whitney Way Thore/ Instagram

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