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The climactic finale of Midnight Mass ends with Warren and Leeza as Crockett Island’s only survivors, but it’s ambiguous as to whether the original vampire survived as well. Mike Flanagan’s horror TV series follows a small island community as their town sees strange changes when a new priest arrives. It’s later revealed that Father Paul is actually their beloved elderly Monsignor John Pruitt, who grew 30 to 40 years younger when attacked by a vampire, or “angel” as he calls it, on his pilgrimage.

John decides to bring the vampire back home with him, hoping its abilities or “miracles” will be able to do the same for his loved ones, specifically Sarah and Mildred Gunning, on Crockett. He then secretly has the vampire drain his blood into the daily communion, leading his parishioners to feel similar effects: Leeza regains the ability to walk, Mildred grows young, Annie’s vision clears, and Ed regains his health. Soon enough, these miracles become far too sinister when Bev and John devise for everyone in Netflix's Midnight Mass town to drink poison on Easter’s midnight mass, leading them to “resurrect” and turn into vampires from drinking the blood and dying.

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Once some of the townspeople turn into vampires, Crockett erupts into chaos. If one isn’t a vampire, they attack and drink the blood of their neighbors. A few Midnight Mass characters who avoided the poison and attacks must try to stop the vampires from leaving the island as well as the original creature from flying away. Erin successfully cuts holes in its wings as it kills her, leaving Warren and Leeza to watch as the now-vampiric townspeople burn at sunrise and the main vampire slowly attempts to fly west. It’s not shown whether the vampire died or not, but comments by Leeza and Warren suggest he, thankfully, didn’t make it.

As Warren and Leeza are out on the boat, they see the vampire attempting to fly west to beat the sunrise and continue the horrors from Mike Flanagan's Netflix series. Warren points out that he’s going far too slow to beat the sun when all of the other vampires have already burned, implying he would’ve burned over the water. The clearest evidence for Midnight Mass' vampire dying comes from Leeza. Once the vampire is out of view, she tells Warren she can’t feel her legs again, which is said with a sigh of relief. The implication is that Leeza lost the restorative healing powers of the vampire once he died, because there wouldn’t be any other reason for her to be happy at losing feeling in her legs again.

Leeza’s comment about not being able to feel her legs again is the best evidence for the vampire having been killed by the sun, but believing the vampire died also goes along with the hope of Erin’s final sacrifice. There was a reason why each Midnight Mass character was where they were when everything went down, and Erin having conversations about death with Riley, losing her baby which put her into a place to make selfless sacrifices, and having the knife all led to her being the one to stop the vampire’s horrors. Midnight Mass continually mentions “God’s plan” for the characters and the town, and in following with the show’s themes, it was meant to be that Erin would have the knife to cut the vampire’s wings and keep him from surviving past the night.

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