Metroid Dread Trailer Hypes Up Simultaneous Nintendo Switch OLED Launch

A new trailer for Metroid Dread draws attention to the fact that the new game will launch alongside the previously announced Nintendo Switch OLED. Rumors of new Switch hardware have been circulating the internet as far back as earlier this year, mostly centered around the existence of a 4K-supporting Nintendo Switch Pro.

What Nintendo eventually revealed in July was a far more modest upgrade, adding a brighter OLED touchscreen to the Switch, along with an improved ethernet port-equipped dock, and not much else. The Nintendo Switch OLED is currently on pre-order at gaming outlets like GameStop, and Nintendo is cutting the prices of the older Switch models in territories like Europe in preparation for the new model’s arrival on October 8th. As luck would have it, another big Nintendo release is marked for release on that day as well, and a new trailer is taking full advantage of that in order to build up the hype for both it and the Switch OLED.

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Earlier today, Nintendo posted a new mini-trailer for Metroid Dread on its official YouTube channel. This brief teaser features intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran facing off against Metroid Dread’s new enemies and showing off some impressive platforming moves, but the most noteworthy bit comes at the very end, where a copy of the game is shown alongside the upcoming Nintendo Switch OLED. During this, the ad emphasizes that both Metroid Dread and the Nintendo Switch OLED will be available to purchase on October 8.

Watch the new Metroid Dread trailer on YouTube here.

Ever since Metroid Dread was first revealed during June’s E3 2021 Nintendo Direct livestream showcase, more details regarding Metroid Dread’s gameplay and plot have steadily started to emerge. Set shortly after the events of 2002’s Metroid Fusion, Metroid Dread will pit Samus against a new robotic enemy called E.M.M.I in a 2D.5 side-scrolling adventure that has been in the works since the days of the Nintendo DS. Metroid Dread’s upcoming release is already being bolstered with a planned Special Edition and Amiibo set, and Nintendo is pushing an aggressive Metroid Dread marketing campaign in Japan ahead of the game’s launch next month.

Fans have been waiting 20 years for a brand-new Metroid game, so playing up the fact that the Nintendo Switch OLED is launching right alongside Metroid Dread is a clever way of drumming up interest for the new hardware. Players will finally get to suit up as Samus when Metroid Dread launches on October 8, and they’ll be able to do so in style with the Nintendo Switch OLED coming out the very same day.

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Metroid Dread is coming to Nintendo Switch on October 8th.

Source: Nintendo/YouTube

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