Marvel's What If Season 2 Will Have A Black Widow Movie Episode

Marvel’s What If..? season 2 will feature an episode based on the Black Widow movie, the show’s production designer has confirmed. Debuting as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first fully animated project, Marvel’s What if..? gives fans the opportunity to experience alternate realities within the MCU through the eyes of The Watcher, a cosmic being who observes and oversees every event in the multiverse, without interference. With the first season currently streaming on Disney+, each episode flips the script on a different MCU story, with the tiniest of choices acting as the catalyst in creating an outlandishly different reality from the one viewers have come to know.

What If...? season 2 was confirmed to be in the works back in December 2019, and since then things have been steadily moving forward. It's expected the new season could premiere at some point in 2022, but no date has been officially announced yet. Another question concerning What If...? season 2 is what stories it will tackle. Season 1 is entirely based on the films in the Infinity Saga, but it's already been said What If...? season 2 will include Phase 4 movies. Now further clarification has been shared, as there will be a Black Widow-themed episode.

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In an interview with The Direct regarding What If...? season 2, production designer Paul Lasaine was asked if there were any stories that were already being planned for season two. In response to the question, Lasaine teased “the woman with the red hair” as the focus of one of the episodes. Check out Lasaine’s full quote below:

"There's an episode that is based on one of the movies that literally just came out with the woman with the red hair..."

Lasaine’s comment is, of course, referring to the release of Black Widow earlier this year, with the red-haired lady in question being none other than the titular character, Natasha Romanoff. Natasha appeared in What If...? season 1, episode 3, where she was on a mission from Nick Fury to discover who was assassinating the Avengers. That assignment, in this particular universe, saw her meet a rather untimely death at the hands of Hank Pym. With that in mind, it seems likely the Black Widow episode in What If...? season 2 will be set in another alternate reality, rather than serving as a continuation of the one seen in What If...? episode 3.

It will be interesting to see which Black Widow storylines are the central focus of the episode. Perhaps it could explore a universe where instead of freeing the other Widows, Natasha led an army of assassins. Another possibility is reversing the roles of Natasha and Yelena Belova, where the latter became the Black Widow and one of the Original Six Avengers. What If...? season 1 saw Lake Bell take on the role of Black Widow, but there's no word on if she'll return for season 2. What If...? has made use of several MCU movie actors, but it seems highly unlikely Scarlett Johansson will reprise Black Widow for the TV show. Johansson is in the midst of a heated lawsuit against Disney following Black Widow's release, seemingly ending her time in the MCU. If Bell doesn't come back, another recast might be in order.

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Marvel's What If...? releases new episodes Wednesdays on Disney+.

Source: The Direct

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