Marvel Studios Has 31 Projects In Development Confirms Executive

A Marvel executive has confirmed that the studio has 31 more projects in development for the future of the MCU. With all of the post-pandemic releases this year many may have thought Marvel was just catching up with films they could not release in 2020. However, it looks like the studio is just getting started in ramping up their ever-expanding lineup of movies and Disney+ series.

When the Marvel Cinematic Universe [MCU] first launched back in 2008 with the first Iron Man, fans became accustomed to a status quo of about 1 movie a year, occasionally two. After The Avengers, standard procedure was for Marvel Studios to release 2 films a year, which already felt like a lot of content for audiences. And it only continued from there, as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 began the first year of three MCU films in 2017. This year’s Black Widow began the first year of four films, which will continue in 2022. But with all their success, and the fans wanting more, it only made sense to increase production.

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The Playlist is reporting a bold claim from Marvel executive Victoria Alonso: she says the studio has around 31 projects currently in development. She made the statement while teasing the future slate of the MCU to Argentinian radio station ‘221 Radio.’ Marvel Studios will have released a total of 32 films by the end of 2021, meaning that, if Alonso is right, they are already planning to double their output from the last 13 years. Check out the tweet from 221 Radio below:

How many of the 31 projects has Marvel made public already? Counting the nine remaining films of Phase 4 (ending in Fantastic Four), the two Phase 5 films (Captain America 4 and Blade), and the nine TV series that have yet to debut, puts the number around 20. That means there are at least 11 more projects that Marvel has kept tightly under wraps.

With great success comes great… responsibility, apparently, as Marvel needs to keep churning out MCU movies and shows to keep stockholders and fans happy. The big fear is that somewhere along the line the quality will start to dip, but hopefully with Kevin Feige at the helm, he will continue to bring in fresh talent and steer the ship in the right direction. But even Feige can only hold the course for so long. Until then, audiences get to sit back and enjoy the ride as wave after wave of Marvel content hits theaters and Disney+ in the coming years.

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SOURCE: ThePlaylist/221 Radio 103.1

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