Love Is Blind: 10 Times The Reality Show Tackled Deep Issues

Season 1 of Love Is Blind was an entertaining watch, with a concept that no one could look away from: could singles really fall in love before meeting each other in person? What about getting engaged and actually going through with the wedding? There were definitely some skeptics about the premise, but the show was charming and endearing in many ways with equal parts relatable and wild moments.

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While this is definitely a juicy reality show, Love Is Blind did get serious and deep on many occasions, with the cast members sharing a lot about themselves. Through the couples who got engaged in the pods, the reality show talked about significant topics that matter a lot.

10 Waiting To Have Sex

While the focus on waiting to have sex is often when someone hasn't yet lost their virginity, it's also important to feel ready and comfortable with a partner. Kenny Barnes and Kelly Chase were a popular Love Is Blind couple, and Kelly decided that she didn't want to sleep with Kenny just yet.

It was important that Kelly was honest with her partner and stayed true to herself, and it's also significant that Kenny showed her compassion and respect and didn't put any pressure on her.

9 Age Differences

When debating Mark and Jessica on Love Is Blind, fans remember Jessica Batten sharing her feelings on being ten years older than Mark Cuevas. She talked about it so frequently that it can be hard to recall any other aspects of their brief relationship.

While fans didn't really know why Jessica couldn't move on from this age gap, which didn't seem that crucial since she was 34 and Mark was definitely grown-up at 24, the topic of dating someone older and younger is a serious one that Love Is Blind explored. This romance makes fans think about their own dating lives and what age gaps they would be comfortable with.

8 Coming Out

When Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack got engaged and headed on vacation to Mexico with the rest of the season 1 cast, Carlton shared that he had gone out with women and men. Diamond wished that he had told her earlier, and from her POV, he was dishonest and she couldn't go through with the rest of the show.

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While this was a difficult moment for Carlton, viewers appreciated that he opened up about his dating life, and this allowed the show to discuss being supportive and caring when someone comes out.

7 Debt And Money Issues

Right away, fans thought that Amber Pike was intelligent, strong, and funny. Barnett was really taken by her and it made sense that things clicked for them immediately. While engaged to Barnett and before they walked down the aisle, Amber talked about not paying off her college debt and how she struggled to find a job that she loved.

Fans might not expect Love Is Blind to talk about finances, so this was a significant and powerful scene. The show continues to talk about how the couples are living and working, as in After The Altar, Barnett said that he sold his house to help with Amber's debt and they were living in an apartment. Sometimes Love Is Blind confused fans, but this is a good example of the reality series exploring a crucial subject.

6 Abortion

Love Is Blind also talked about abortion through Amber's time in the pods with Barnett.

While the couple was talking in one scene, Amber said she had an abortion in the past, as her ex-partner wanted her to do so. This was heartbreaking to hear about and it was clear that Amber was in a lot of pain. It was admirable that she opened up and it showed that she felt comfortable with Barnett and she knew that she could tell him anything. Amber explained that people said her story helped them.

5 Health Issues

The Love Is Blind: After The Altar special updates included Amber sharing that she had a seizure and was told that she has epilepsy.

While many episodes of the show are fairly light-hearted, since it's enjoyable to watch the couples fall for one another, it's true that Love Is Blind takes the time to talk about deep subjects. Fans liked that Amber was vulnerable and it was sad hearing her talk about being nervous about waiting to have children because of her health condition. Anyone suffering from health issues can relate to Amber's emotions.

4 Meeting Family

Before season 1 wrapped up, the couples met each other's families, which was a crucial step on the way to the altar. Mark's family seemed to love Jessica and think that she was good for him, Cameron was nervous about meeting Lauren's parents, and Amber was introduced to Barnett's warm and loving family.

Meeting the family and making sure that love and support is there is a key part of any long-term relationship that is going to go the distance, and Love Is Blind talked about this serious issue throughout this whole episode. This was one of the most relatable moments on the show.

3 Pregnancy And Children

When the show returned for the three-part Netflix reunion special, fans were curious if any of the couples would share that they were expecting a baby. In one scene, Damian Powers, Cameron Hamilton, and Matt Barnett worked out together and talked about wanting to start families.

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The choice to have a child is not one to take lightly as it's a lot of responsibility, and viewers could tell that the cast members wanted to make sure that they were in solid places both in their relationships and work lives before making that big decision.

2 Mental Health

After sharing that she had an abortion in the past, Amber also talked about her depression. While Amber is a fan favorite Love Is Blind cast member because she's tough and stands up for herself, she's also well-liked thanks to her honesty.

While fans get to know all of the cast members throughout season 1, it's fair to say that Amber shares the most and viewers know a lot about her difficult past. This feels important as Amber lets people know that they're going to struggle and have tough times in life but they can get through it.

1 A Painful Break-Up

Damian and Giannina Gibelli didn't seem to be doing well in the Netflix special, especially when Damian went to a restaurant with another woman, Francesca Farago, and invited her to the anniversary party. After the special aired, Gigi said that she and Damian broke up.

Fans rooted for the pair as they didn't get married in season 1 but kept seeing each other, but sadly, they went their separate ways. It was clear in the special that they were having problems communicating and supporting each other, and that they didn't seem to be spending a lot of time together. By sharing what the couple was up to after the show aired, Love Is Blind discussed how tough it can be to let go of a relationship, especially when both partners genuinely care about each other.

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