Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Beaten Without Using A Sword

Recently a dedicated Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time player accomplished the seemingly impossible feat of beating the entire game without using a sword. Speedrunners of the 1998 classic have challenged themselves in a wide variety of ways over the game's lifespan, including the recent accomplishment of one player beating Ocarina of Time through the Smash Bros Demo for the title in five-minutes.

Swords are staples for the Legend of Zelda series and often play a critical role in many of the traditional titles. Without the usage of skip glitches, it would be impossible to complete almost any game in the series, as swords are often needed to progress the narrative and in some cases are a necessity for defeating certain foes. Ocarina of Time in particular has two required swords that play key roles over the course of the game: the starting Kokiri Sword for child Link and the famous Master Sword for adult Link. Beyond that, the game's time travel mechanic does not allow many damage-dealing items to carry over between the two versions of Link, making a sword-less run extremely difficult even with the help of skip glitches.

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YouTuber Sam Bliss, however, took on this self-imposed challenge anyway and managed to pull it off. The player described their entire process in a 13-minute video that showcased all the glitches and items they used to beat all the required dungeons in a grand total of just under 7 hours. While some of the heavily used items seem obvious, such as the Fairy Bow and Megaton Hammer, others that are normally overlooked were employed in creative ways to help achieve total victory, with Deku Sticks and the Bottle playing key roles.

Watch Sam Bliss's video detailing the no-sword playthrough of Ocarina of Time on YouTube here.

Finding new ways to beat old games has become a significant part of the streamer community. Beyond imposing in-game limitations, many players that do these sorts of challenges also use unique controllers that are not specifically designed for the title they are taking on. The 1998 Zelda classic in particular saw one player engage in an incredibly meta run where they played Ocarina of Time using an ocarina as a controller.

It is always impressive to see what new challenges dedicated gamers can impose on themselves, especially for a title that has been out for more than two decades. The quality of Ocarina of Time has allowed it to hold up in many aspects and fans still go back to the original version in spite of the existence of the 3DS remake. Until a true console remake of Ocarina of Time launches, it is likely that fans will continue to challenge themselves on the original version as it continues to prove it still has so much to offer.

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Source: Sam Bliss/YouTube

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