King’s Bounty 2: Where (& How) to Recruit The Best Units

King's Bounty 2 offers players an adventurous experience with one of three characters. The game is set in a fantasy world in the Kingdom of Nostria where players will build up an army and fight against corrupt political rule. Players will consistently switch between third-person exploration and top-down, turn-based combat encounters.

Like other RPG games, King's Bounty 2 has a system of alignments based on the decisions the character makes. There are four alignments, called Ideals, in the game: Order, Finesse, Power, and Anarchy. Based on the Ideal the player follows, there will be certain units to recruit that strengthen their army more than others.

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To be successful in King's Bounty 2, players will need to find powerful armor, like the Hero's Battle set, and recruit units for their army. In order to hire units, players will need to find recruiters and purchase them. Alternatively, players can use the Summon spell to add units to their army outside of combat. Units that aren't sold appear randomly in the game, so there is no set location to find them. The recruiters are all over Nostria, and some have better units for hire than others. Units also have Ideals, so players can create an army that has the same alignment as their main character.

There are a few things to consider when recruiting units for the army. Certain Ideals will oppose each other, making their maximum fighting potential unreachable. For example, players should avoid having King's Bounty 2's Finesse and Power units together. For each Ideal, there are different levels of power in recruitable units, and the more powerful they are, the harder they are to find.

Order Units

  • Celestial Warriors: Caelestis sells Celestial Warriors and is located in Mages' Tower after the "Haven of the Enlightened Ones" quest is completed.
  • Black Knight: Black Knights must be recruited through the summoning method.

Finesse Units

  • Bear Riders: Recruiter Govin is in the Windy Port Fair and sells Bear Riders.
  • Red Dragon: Complete Lyssa's Dungeon quest to recruit Red Dragons from Larie in the Witches' House.

Power Units

  • Prototype: Prototypes must be recruited through the summoning method.
  • Chimeras: In the Southern Albian Spurs is the Gargoyle the recruiter. He sells Chimeras after the "Beauty and the Beasts" quest is completed with the Finesse option.

Anarch Units

  • Ghoul Leader: Ghoul Leaders must be recruited through the summoning method.
  • Bone Dragon: The Bone Dragon is sold by Francos in the Mouth of Rouen. "A Fatal Voyage" needs to be completed in order to unlock him.

Players should consider aligning their army with the same Ideal as their character. However, Order units generally create the strongest armies. Recruiting powerful units can take a lot of time and some legwork. There are many different units for each Ideal, but the best ones are worth the effort of finding and hiring to give players the most effective army.

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King's Bounty 2 is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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