Judge Judy Returns to the Courtroom in Judy Justice Trailer

Judge Judy Sheindlin is back in the courtroom in the first trailer for her upcoming IMDb TV series Judy JusticeThe 78-year-old family court judge ended her run on CBS's Judge Judy, which holds the record for the longest-running courtroom reality show in history, earlier this year. However, she wasn't done filming in the courtroom and announced a new show titled Judy Justice with IMDb's free streaming service.

The streaming service debuted a first look trailer for Judy Justice that gives an inside look at Sheindlin's "new adventure" on TV. She's joined by a new team comprised of bailiff Kevin Roscoe, court stenographer Whitney Kumar, and law clerk Sarah Rose - who is also Sheindlin's granddaughter. "This show is the judge on steroids," Roscoe says in the trailer. 

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Judy Justice will be streaming weekdays on IMDb TV starting November 1.  Sheindlin is also reuniting with executive producers Amy Friesleben and Randy Douthit, whom she worked with for 25 years on Judge Judy. "I am who I am. Sometimes P.C., sometimes not. But consistent," Sheindlin says in the trailer. Check out the first look of Judy Justice below. 

Judge Judy has been arguably the most popular courtroom TV show since its debut. And Sheindlin takes a lot of responsibility for that, thanks to her tough and direct attitude. The show earned Sheindlin an Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award and a ranking among the highest-paid TV hosts. It's clear that throughout Sheindlin's long-running TV history that she's been able to captivate and entertain her viewers regularly.  It was the end of an era when CBS announced it was over. But now with Sheindlin debuting a new show on a new platform, Judy Justice has the opportunity to make a new history all on its own.

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