Jersey Shore: How Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi Got Her Famous Nickname

Nearly the entire original cast of Jersey Shore each have their own nicknames. In fact, the only two roommates who were never given a nickname on the show are Vinny Guadagnino and Angelina Pivarnick. One of the nicknames that quickly became a household name was Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi. Upon entering the Jersey Shore house in 2009, Nicole introduced herself as Snooki. Since she did not get the nickname on the show, fans often times wonder how it originated.

Nicole was a breakout star on the original series of Jersey Shore. Not only did she quickly become a household name, Nicole also influenced a majority of the fashion trends at the time. From her large hair to her over-the-top animal prints, Nicole played a large role in the way fans of the show dressed. In fact, she even became one of the most popular Halloween costumes at the time. Through it all, Nicole continued to just be herself without even acknowledging the impact she was having on pop culture. Although her physical appearance has changed over the years, Nicole will always be the same wild and fun person at heart that she was when fans were introduced to her.

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Although Nicole tends to go by her real name now, many fans still refer to her as Snooki. What they may not know is Nicole actually had this nickname long before being cast for Jersey Shore. Nicole had revealed in a 2011 interview with Rolling Stone that she had gotten her nickname well before her rise to fame. Surprisingly enough, her partying lifestyle did not inspire the nickname. Instead, it was one of her favorite movies that did. According to Showbiz, "Snooki is based on the character Snookie from Save the Last Dance."  Actor Vince Green played a character named Snookie in the movie. This character was "the cootchie crook” in the 2001 film.

After watching the film, Nicole adopted the nickname for herself; however, she dropped the 'E' from the spelling of it. Prior to this, Nicole actually had some vulgar nicknames in high school given to her by the class bullies. In the same interview, Nicole had recalled the upperclassmen of her school picking on her for “being so popular.” It seems the Jersey Shore star has been popular her whole life. At the time, Nicole explained, "They made up a rumor that I had got it in the a** by one of the seniors." Because of this rumor, Nicole would often times be called "Stinkin’ Incan." She continued on to recall these bullies making her life a "living hell," even writing mean things about her on the walls of the school.

Despite not having it easy in high school, even being nicknamed some not so nice things, Nicole's life has made a huge transformation since then. If it was not for this 2001 film, Nicole may have never gotten her infamous nickname, which could have ultimately affected her casting for Jersey Shore. Although she would have still had the same wild and fun personality, Nicole being called "Snooki" simply adds any extra something to her character. Now, she is stuck with this nickname for the rest of her life.

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