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Is the new anime series Star Wars: Visions canon to the main franchise? The ambitious new show hit Disney+ on September 22, and tells nine new stories set within the world of Star Wars. However, just because the series takes place in the Star Wars universe that doesn't necessarily mean its events are canon to that universe, and many viewers are wondering how — or if — the stories in the anime fit into the established Disney canon over time.

Star Wars is a unique case when it comes to cinematic blockbuster franchises. While many film series have been rebooted or have established the existence of parallel universes where multiple stories can take place (such as the MCU's multiverse), Star Wars has always been one continuing story. Whether viewers/readers are dealing with the old Extended Universe (now known as Legends) or the new Disney canon, every story takes place in the same continuity as all the others.

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Star Wars: Visions, however, seems to be bending this rule. While the series certainly exists within the familiar world of Star Wars, and even features several characters from the films, the show is not canon to the established mainline Star Wars universe. The reasoning behind this creative decision comes down to two important factors: creative freedom and experimentation.

Star Wars: Visions is Disney's first large-scale Star Wars movie or show to not fit within the franchise's canon. While this might seem like an odd move for a series so reliant on its continuity, the decision to separate Visions from the restrictions of canon was definitely a smart one. Without the need to work within the established framework of the films and other television series, the creators behind each episode of Visions could let their imaginations run wild as they crafted new stories and experimented with unique ideas and wild visuals. This kind of creative freedom has effectively unchained Star Wars, and has allowed fresh artistic perspectives to play around within the franchise with no danger of breaking canon.

But while Star Wars: Visions might not be canon, that doesn't mean that certain elements from its stories won't become canon in the future. Recent Star Wars projects like The Mandalorian have drawn heavily from the Legends continuity, bringing old ideas back into Disney's version of the story. In much the same way Marvel experiments with new story ideas in other media before inducting them into the MCU, it's entirely possible that Star Wars could be using Visions test out new plot ideas, force powers, or even specific characters before giving them a chance to enter the official canon.

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