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When Friends debuted in 1994, Joey Tribbiani seemed like the typical Italian-American stereotype that appears in a lot of movies and TV shows set in New York City. However, as the series went on and Matt LeBlanc sank into the character, Joey evolved into something more.

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Among the Friends crew, each had their own dominant personality trait. Rachel was the spoiled one, Pheobe was the quirky one, Chandler was the funny one, and in the beginning, Joey was the dumb one. And while he continued to hold on to that trait, he surpassed Chandler in the humor department, in many ways. Whether in his acting or endless romantic conquests, Joey became a fan favorite by the time the show hit its fifth season and he stayed there till the end.

10 He Can Be Dumb

While every sitcom seems to have that one lovable dummy who doesn't get the jokes and makes comments that are incredibly stupid, Joey took it to a whole new level.

Whether it be his total misuse of words, like "omnipotent" and "abysmal," or the construction of his overly large entertainment center that partially blocked the doors for both bedrooms in the apartment he shared with Chandler, Joey had a way of showing that he wasn't always on the ball. He proved this even further when he attempted to learn French.

9 He's Gullible

Some people will believe anything you tell them. Joey is one of those people. Who can forget the time Chandler tricked him into using Joseph Stalin as a stage name, just one of the many horrible things he did to Joey that made him one of the low-key villains on Friends. Or when he believed that Rachel's boss actually offered to buy her baby, which resulted in Joey marching down to Rachel's office to stand up for his friend.

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Joey's willingness to believe everything his friends tell him is part of what makes him so endearing. He has a level of trust with them that's almost childlike in its innocence.

8 His Mannerisms Are Hilarious

As the series went on, Joey became noticeably more animated with his hands and his facial expressions. When he was angry, his eyes got wide and his hands usually went to his hips.

When he poured on the charm, it was accompanied by a lop-sided grin. When he got excited, he gesticulated with his hand in a way you couldn't help but find humorous. His mannerisms and Matt LeBlanc's ability to really embrace physical comedy is what set his character apart.

7 His Romantic Entanglements Are Great To Watch

Joey's list of relationships is long and varied and a few of the women made for some of the worst exes on Friends. He had a way with the opposite sex that Ross and Chandler couldn't begin to fathom. Furthermore, it was something that he never had to put a lot of effort into.

Dating and wooing women all came naturally to Joey and was just a part of his personality that fans grew accustomed to. Joey may have been a mediocre actor and never had much in the brains department, but charming a beautiful woman was the one area where he excelled.

6 He Can Be A Slob

Joey was in direct contrast to Monica when it came to cleanliness. In fact, when Rachel moved in with him and spilled a little spaghetti on the floor, Joey showed her it was no big deal by dropping a big glob on the floor as well.

His fridge was a mess, the chicken and the duck often used the bathroom or got sick all over his apartment, and when Monica and Rachel switched apartments with Chandler and Joey, they found more than one disgusting surprise waiting for them in the kitchen. While no one would particularly want to be Joey's roommate in real life, his laissez-faire attitude towards tidiness made for some of the funniest scenes in the series.

5 He's A Big Spender

Handling money is clearly not Joey's forte. Once he finally scored a big acting gig with a recurring role on Days of Our Lives as Doctor Drake Ramoray, he started blowing his newfound cash right away on things like an indoor waterfall, a 3D replica of The Last Supper, and a giant ceramic dog sculpture.

Later, Joey mistakenly bid on a sailboat when he didn't understand the rules of a silent auction. Though Rachel managed to help him get out of the purchase, her pitch to a potential buyer impressed Joey so much he decided to keep the boat anyway, and his ridiculous purchases made him even more lovable and funny.

4 The Lipstick Ad & How Far He'll Go For His Career

When an actor's career is just starting out, they will often do anything to catch their big break and add to their resume. Joey was no different.

When Chandler swears he watched one of Joey's audition tapes, Joey catches his friend in the lie when he plays the tape and reveals what's really on it: a Japanese ad featuring Joey endorsing lipstick for men, proof that there's no limit to what the actor will do to build on his career.

3 He's A Bad Actor & It's Funny

Whether it's the Sigmund Freud musical, his awful Italian accent, or the "smell-the-fart" technique, Joey's deplorable acting is a constant source of comedic material throughout the show's long run.

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Despite his lack of skills, Joey manages to score a lot of roles, including his part on Days of Our Lives and the ill-fated buddy cop show, Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E. Joey eventually reclaimed his soap opera acting career and even appeared in a few major motion pictures.

2 He's A Loyal Friend, Even When It Backfires

Perhaps more than any other member of the group, Joey always tried to do the right thing when it came to his friends. He always looked out for the others, whether that meant a willingness for a physical confrontation when Ross and Chandler were being bullied at the coffee shop, breaking things off with Ursula (Pheobe in disguise) when she asked him to stop being friends with Pheobe, or his vocal objection to Ross never seeing Rachel again to repair his broken marriage, Joey always put his friends first.

While Joey's willingness to help his friends often lead to the situation backfiring in his face, his intentions were always good and it always made for some laughs, both from the other friends and the audience.

1 He's Highly Quotable

Joey is remembered for his many great lines. "It like a cow's opinion. It just doesn't matter. It's moo," or "You can't just give up! Is that what a dinosaur would do?" and "You hung up on the pizza place? I don't hang up on your friends," are just a few great quotes from the plethora of quality Joey quotes.

Of course, Joey's most quoted and remembered line is the one that became his catchphrase: "How you doin'?" And it was a line that would set any woman's heart aflutter when he spoke it.

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