Iron Man's New 'Defiled' Armor is Absolutely Disgusting

Warning! Spoilers for Darkhold Alpha #1 by Marvel Comics below.

After being recruited to save the Marvel Universe from one of the darkest threats they've ever faced, Iron Man just suffered a disgusting transformation after reading the Darkhold. In Darkhold Alpha #1, five Marvel heroes, including Tony Stark, are recruited by the Scarlet Witch to stop the elder god Chthon. However, after reading the Darkhold to build strength as they enter the Chthon's realm, Iron Man and the team were just turned into monsters.

The Darkhold is one of the most coveted magical items in all of Marvel Comics. Otherwise known as the Book of the Damned, the Darkhold was written by Chthon. The elder god documented his knowledge of black magic and spells inside. The Darkhold has not only played a key part in some of Marvel Comics most magical stories but also was featured in multiple  live-action projects, including Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Runaways, and most recently, on WandaVision. Now, Scarlet Witch has sensed Chthon is about to attack Earth after Doctor Doom tried to take the book for himself. To stop him, she's formed a team to enter his realm by reading the Darkhold.

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In Darkhold Alpha #1 by Steve Orlando, Cian Tormey, Jesus Aburtov, and VC's Clayton Cowles, the Scarlet Witch has nightmares about Chthon arriving on Earth to destroy the Marvel Universe. She discovers that Doctor Doom has unearthed the Darkhold in Abysmia, and confronts the supervillain about his plans with the book, blaming him for Chthon's re-emergence. After trying to find a way to stop Chthon with Doom and suggesting they build a new version of the Darkhold Defenders, Doom decides to try to stop Chthon himself (he fails). In the meantime, Scarlet Witch summons Iron Man, the Wasp, Spider-Man, Black Bolt, and Blade, who all meet the conditions of being Darkhold Defenders. After getting them to agree to help, Scarlet Witch tells them they need to read the Darkhold only enough to temper their madness so they can enter the other realm. Unfortunately, the team reads too much of the book and gets transformed by their madness.

Ultimately, the heroes turn into monsters before Scarlet Witch's eyes. Iron Man becomes part machine and part man, as his mouth leaks with blood as his guts are visible throughout his suit. It's a transformation that might as well be straight out of Akira. After they change, Spider-Man informs Scarlet Witch that the team isn't the Darkhold Defenders, but the Darkhold Defiled.

It's wild to see some of Marvel's greatest heroes get disgusting, body horror transformations. However, iron Man becoming a defiled version of the hero is ultimately his most disgusting form to date. Will the new team be enough to stop Chthon? And how else has Iron Man changed after reading the Darkhold? Readers will find out more soon as Darkhold: Alpha #1 is in comic book stores now.

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