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Warning: contains spoilers for Captain Marvel #32!

In the past, Iron Man and Captain Marvel have fought side-by-side (and later, each other), but now Tony Stark reveals he thinks Captain Marvel isn't just dangerous, but an idiot as well. The two characters go back decades, but recent events like Civil War II have made them opponents. Now in a crucial moment in Captain Marvel #32, written by Kelly Thompson with art by Sergio Dávila and colors by Jesus Aburtov, Tony believes Carol can't be trusted in a crisis situation.

After concluding her long arc fighting the villain Ove (and angering Doctor Strange and all magic users on Earth in the process), Carol begins a new chapter in her life by being attacked while flying through the air. The assailant is wearing a familiar dark costume that Carol wore while doing Vox Supreme's bidding (albeit unwillingly). Carol believes her attacker is suffering the same fate, and uses a sonic device given to her by Tony; the machine freed Carol once, but it has no effect on the suit's wearer. Unfortunately, Carol soon realizes she's hit her attacker too hard - she has no pulse.

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Carol flies at top speed carrying the mystery attacker and crashes through the roof ("I have doors! You know that, right?!"). Carol wants Tony to revive her dying suit-wearer and once she's on Tony's lab table, his first words are "Did you lose the sonic device I gave you?" Tony didn't ask if Carol used the device, he asked if she lost it. This speaks volumes about how Tony views Carol - as a friend, as an Avenger, and as a person who routinely saves lives.

Comic book fans will know that Tony Stark has always had a massively-overinflated ego. Though he is indeed a mechanical genius and a brilliant inventor, that's no excuse for assuming Carol lost a crucial device that could save a life (especially her own). Carol Danvers has achieved the rank of Captain in the United States Air Force, and as such has extensive training and considerable experience in crisis situations (not including her experience in battle as an Avenger on Earth and other planets). Based on a single line, one can infer that Tony believes Carol to be incompetent, forgetful, lax, or all of the above.

Relations between Tony and Carol have been somewhat frosty ever since Civil War II (understandably so, considering she killed Iron Man). Just like the original Civil War, the event's repercussions can be seen years later. But Iron Man of all people should see Carol as a friend - the two have overcome alcoholism and shared a bond. After all the two characters have been through, Iron Man should think highly of Captain Marvel, and not dismiss her abilities.

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