Iconic DC Artist Jim Lee Pays Tribute to Superman & Lois

Warning! Spoilers for Superman & Lois

Iconic DC Comics artist Jim Lee is paying tribute to The CW’s Superman & Lois. The hit series has been positively received by longtime fans, general audiences, and comic book creators alike.

In recent years, many DC heroes have been adapted into live action series for the first time, such as the Flash, Stargirl, and Batwoman among others. However, few shows have managed to garner the support of viewers and writers or artists alike. This was an additionally difficult task for a series bringing Superman to life, as there have been many iterations, and Henry Cavill’s take remains fresh in public consciousness. Now that Superman & Lois has finished its first season and is available on HBO Max, many are voicing their appreciation for the show led by Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent and Bitsie Tulloch as Lois Lane. As parents to twin teenage boys, the series homages the coming-of-age storylines from Smallville and the premise of DC’s Rebirth era, in which Clark and Lois enter parenthood.

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In a tweet by Jim Lee, he praised Superman & Lois as a representation of its titular couple, as well as fatherhood. Commemorating the release of all 15 extended episodes of the show on HBO Max, Lee also shared a sketch in tribute, with Superman, Steel, and Tal-Rho. Known for his iconic depictions of the DC Universe, Jim Lee has worked on The New 52’s Justice League, Superman: For Tomorrow, and Superman Unchained just to name a few. In the tweets, Lee said, “As a big Superman fan (and also as a father)—it was a real joy following the premiere season of ‘Superman and Lois’ on @TheCW —just love how Tyler Hoechlin & Bitsie Tulloch bring arguably the world’s most iconic couple to life, balancing their own aspirations & jobs as defenders of Truth and Justice with the equally challenging responsibility of being the best parents to their twin sons they can be. And show creators Greg Berlanti and Todd Helbing do a great job of keeping us on our toes with the twists and turns of both Clark and Lois’ journeys!”

Although Superman’s suit appears to be his signature comic book costume in the sketch, subtle details signal that it is an accurate representation of the series’ design. Yet another reason for which fans have taken kindly to Hoechlin’s portrayal, the show rarely diverges from its source material. When the series has stepped away from its familiar comic book roots, it has surprised fans by delivering twists that require some knowledge of the Superman mythos.

As DC Fandome approaches on October 16, it’s possible that fans will see a completed version of Lee’s sketch for the series. Celebrating the DC Multiverse, the event will similarly draw attention to the latest iteration of the super couple. As mentioned by Jim Lee, extended episodes of Superman & Lois' first season is now available on HBO Max.

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