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The Search feature on Instagram is an important tool that helps users discover accounts centered around their interests. Another useful feature is the Sensitive Content Control, which lets users choose how much sensitive content they see on their Instagram feed. Earlier last month, Instagram users received the Security Checkup feature, a step-by-step process that can help people protect their account after it’s been hacked

Instagram actually offers a wide range of features to help users stay safe, improve the user experience, or help others in need. For those looking to protect their DMs, the Limit feature offers the option to limit direct messages from people they don’t know or who only followed them recently. It’s also quick and easy to unlink an Instagram account from a Facebook account for those users that wants to keep their social media accounts separate. Back in June, Instagram introduced the Group Fundraiser feature, allowing people to work together to raise funds for various causes. After starting a fundraiser, just tap on the three dots in the upper right corner and hit the “Invite to Group Fundraiser” button to include other people in the fundraiser. 

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As explained by Instagram, the Search feature relies on signals to rank results, thereby making sure that users are seeing the most relevant results possible. Signals include the text a user enters in the search bar with a focus on usernames and places, along with relevant bios, captions and hashtags. Relevant text is the most important signal, followed by user activity. The latter means Instagram will rank accounts or hashtags that the user already follows higher than others. Finally, Instagram looks at how many likes or shares an account or hashtag is receiving. The more interaction there is, the higher that result will be in general. 

For creators who use Instagram as a source of income, there are some tips to make showing up in search results even easier. To start, it’s important to have an Instagram handle that is content-related so it will show up when followers search for that type of content. Alternatively, if followers know a creator by a certain name, then that name should be included in the profile. For example, if a musician goes by a stage name, they should make sure that stage name shows up on the profile or as part of their Instagram handle. 

Creators can also include descriptive keywords in their bio to make it easier for people to find the account. For example, the location for a small business can help local users to discover the business. Lastly, it is worth making sure to include hashtags and keywords in the caption rather than the comments, as this can also help the post to shows up in Instagram's search results. 

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