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Arkane's Deathloop creates a high-stakes atmosphere with reoccurring events and important choices. Players control Colt Vahn as he takes out his rivals and breaks the time loop plaguing Blackreef. Deathloop has various combat techniques, weapons, and intel to gather, as well as unlockable multiplayer invasions to overcome.

Colt must take out the eight Visionaries around Blackreef in order to break the time loop and claim his life back. There are many choices and strategic tactics for players to employ in order to conquer challenges such as Julianna's frequent invasions. As Colt uncovers secrets surrounding his enemies, he gains multiple options for taking them out, some of which can be brutal but satisfying.

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There are multiple ways to assassinate Visionary Ramblin Frank, from engaging in a traditional firefight to sabotaging his fireworks and letting the explosion take him out. Sabotaging the fireworks will require travel between Fristad Rock, Karl's Bay, and Updaam several times. Most importantly, players must prevent the fire that burns down Otto's Workshop, which is in Updaam surrounded by puzzles. Triggering the explosion involves several steps, some of which must be completed in the morning. Players must find clues, locate the firework stash, and save the Workshop in order to take out Frank in a colorful explosion.

There will be many Eternalists to fight throughout this endeavor, so players should be well-armed with Deathloop's best available weapons and slabs. To get started, Colt should head to Frank's Club in Fristad Rock and fight or sneak through and hack the various sensors, turrets, and doors to reach Frank's Studio. After defeating the enemies, Colt should grab the intel from Frank's minicom and collect the Fishing for Fireworks cassette. The fireworks are in Karl's Bay inside a shipping container near the water, but a code is needed to access them.

Players will need to restart the loop and head to Otto's Workshop in the morning before it burns down. The Workshop is in Updaam near Colt's Apartment. Inside Otto's, Colt should collect the cassette and check the minicom, then follow each of the glowing cables inside to their corresponding power boxes. He will need to shoot every power box to prevent the Workshop from burning down.

Following this, Colt can return to Otto's later in the day to get the code from the minicom that opens the fireworks container. He can then enter the container with the newly acquired code, turn right to access the Launcher, and sabotage the fireworks.

After completing the sabotage once, players will be able to restart the loop and open the firework container without any extra steps. This is especially useful when completing the last mission because the fireworks can be sabotaged right away in the morning, and Frank will die later in the day while players are focusing on other Visionaries. Deathloop offers many creative ways to take out Colt's enemies, including poisonous gas, a meat grinder, and, for Frank, sabotaged fireworks.

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Deathloop is available now for PlayStation 5 and PC.

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