How to Get The Vulture Armor Set in Divinity Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2 encourages players to pick up every bit of loot possible because they never know when they will need it, and the Vulture Armor set is gear worth getting. The free Four Relics of Rivellon DLC added four new sets of armor to Divinity: Original Sin 2, one of which is the Vulture Armor set.

The quest involving the Vulture Armor is called "Keep Calm and Carrion." There are five pieces of armor to collect during this quest. The Vulture Armor is great for any ranged character who uses finesse. It also works well for rogues.

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Players will first need to find a book titled “Dwarven Customs and Traditions.” It is located inside Judge Orivand’s study in Fort Joy. The book tells the player how to begin to craft the Vulture Armor.

The next part of the quest takes place in Reaper’s Coast, specifically at X:218, Y:33. Players will need to craft Source Infused Meat by combining Raw Mutton, Source Orb, and Earth Essence. Offering it to Mordus’ Excavation Site summons Duna’s Undertaker.

It is possible to avoid combat with Duna's Undertaker. Players must select the Tell the creature that you are here to receive its blessing option. Then, they will need to select Say that you intend to save the souls of the fallen. If this is done correctly, the player will get Blessed Vulture Feathers. This information is also found in a book in the Witch House north of Driftwood at X:367, Y:227 for reference.

Players can also end up fighting Duna’s Undertaker to resolve the situation. It is recommended to be at least level 15 before attempting this. If the player wins, they get Cursed Vulture Feathers. Dropping the feathers on the ground and casting Bless gets rid of the curse, or players can create a cursed armor set, equip it, and cast Bless later to remove the curse.

Players will need to combine the Vulture Feathers with pieces of leather armor to make the set. The pieces include:

  • The Vulture’s Talons (boots)
  • The Vulture’s Legs (leggings)
  • The Vulture’s Mantle (chest armor)
  • The Vulture’s Mask (helmet)
  • The Vulture’s Claws (gloves)

While players can mix and match pieces, having the full set provides unique buffs, including permanent flight, farsight of +4m on all ranged attacks, immunity to Blinding, additional damage on hit, and the Vulture's Prayer and Dust Blast skills. While the Vulture Armor set is not technically the best armor in Divinity: Original Sin 2, its unique buffs and innate powers make it worth picking up.

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Divinity: Original Sin 2 is available on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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