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Valheim is a game where players can travel around a large open world, build bases, engage in challenging combat, and live the adventurous life of a Viking. The game allows players to explore a variety of biomes, either on their own or with others. Valheim recently received an update that presents players with new features that enhance their experience.

The Hearth & Home content update for Valheim includes new armor, furniture, weapons, and changes to gameplay that enhance players' Viking experience. Players can find several new possibilities that they can share with their friends as they continue their Viking journey, including the new Cartography Table and the Viking Hot Tub.

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There are a few steps players must take to get their Viking Hot Tub up and running. Crafting this piece of furniture will require traveling to a few different places to gather various materials. Once it's built, players must maintain the fire and heat before any characters can climb in and enjoy it. Having the Viking Hot Tub in a camp or home provides a worthwhile benefit for anyone using it.

Gathering materials for the Viking Hot tub in Valheim will involve a bit of travel and some combat encounters. Once the resources are collected, the Viking Hot Tub can be crafted and placed in an open area or inside a home that has built-in ventilation for smoke to escape. There are four materials that make up the Viking Hot Tub:

  • Wood (x10) - Chop down any trees with an axe to gather wood.
  • Iron (x10) - Iron in Valheim comes from the Sunken Crypts in the Swamp biome. Players will need to defeat The Elder in this area, grab its key, and use a pickaxe on the muddy scraps inside the Sunken Crypts. Iron scraps need to be smelted before they can be used as building materials.
  • Stone (x8) - Use a pickaxe to gather stone from rocks, or collect small stones from the ground.
  • Tar (x6) - Tar can be collected at the Plains biome in the tar pits, a feature added in the update. Players should expect to fight enemies here.

It is recommended that players gather additional wood to use in the Viking Hot Tub once it's crafted. Interacting with the heater at the back of the tub will allow players to deposit wood that burns to keep the water hot.

Putting the hot tub in a camp will increase the overall comfort level, which enhances the Resting buff players receive. The Viking Hot Tub can take a bit of time to craft, but it's worth building for the comfort bonuses and the enjoyable experience of unwinding with friends in the steamy waters.

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Valheim is available now on PC.

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