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The Medaka Fish is one of the newest additions to Genshin Impact. With the new Genshin Impact fishing mechanic added in 2.1, players can visit a variety of Fishing Spots and use bait to capture different fish. Fans of Animal Crossing: New Horizons can treat fishing in Genshin Impact almost the same. Certain fish will only be available in specific places at specific times and players looking to collect them all will want to pay attention to that. Fortunately, the Medaka Fish is one of the easier options to collect.

In order to unlock the ability to fish, players will need to complete the Serenitea Pot system and finish the Exploding Population mission. Players can then get their own fishing rod and craft their own bait. They will need to craft the Fruit Paste Bait, which is made from combining one Sunsettia and one Wheat to create 10 pieces of Fruit Paste Bait.

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Once the player has their fishing rod and Fruit Paste Bait, the hunt for the Medaka Fish can begin. The Medaka Fish is a lively and energetic fish that is famous for its flowery patterns. It's a 3-star fish that is surprisingly common in Teyvat. Players will be able to encounter the Medaka in Cier Lake, Stormbearer Mountains, Stormteror's Lair, Windrise, Dragonspine, and Mt. Aocang.

After approaching one of these bodies of water, players should search for ripples. They will then need to line up their fishing rod with the location of the fish and pull out the rod at the correct time.

The Medaka Fish can appear during any time of the day, making it much easier to find compared to the other fish. It does take three days for the fish to respawn in a single location, so players can head to one of the other locations to catch more in the meantime.

While the Medaka Fish in Genshin Impact can be processed into Fish for cooking, the Medaka can also be used to purchase different items from the Fishing Associations. In particular, players can use this fish to purchase the Redrot Bait Blueprint, False Worm Bait Blueprint, Fake Fly Bait Blueprint, or the Windtangler Rod while in Mondstadt. Alternatively, players can keep the Medaka Fish as a pet inside their Serenitea Pot. Players also have the chance to find an Ornamental Medaka, which is a rarer version of the Medaka Fish.

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Genshin Impact is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, and Mobile.

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