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Still evolving since its release, Fallout 76 has a new feature that will allow players to create custom worlds. Fallout Worlds will provide custom world options, alongside Bethesda's own "Public Worlds" with preset rules and changes. Being able to design their own versions of the Appalachian wasteland may reinvigorate Bethesda's post-apocalyptic multiplayer title for many of its players.

Players can only utilize the new Fallout Worlds feature if they have a Fallout 1st membership. If paid on a monthly basis, this subscription costs $12.99 per month, so subscribers will be happy to see another feature available with the plan. Fallout Worlds being a premium feature isn't surprising; Fallout 76 has become notorious for its focus on paid add-on content even after players purchase the game itself. Some of these additional Fallout 76 cosmetic items are questionable in quality, so incorporating a genuinely interesting custom worlds feature into the Fallout 1st subscription is a welcome change for many.

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From the main menu, Fallout 1st members can select "Play," choose "Custom World," and "Select World Template." From here, players can begin to adjust and swap many different settings for their world server. Once created, up to seven additional players can join a custom world, for a squad of eight total survivors. Subscribers can create a total of three different custom worlds, but the settings of each can still be edited even after they're created. These changes could potentially serve as a substantial expansion to Fallout 76's multiplayer, taking hints from other modern MMO titles like Elder Scrolls Online.

One great feature of custom worlds in Fallout 76, revolves around other players that a world owner invites to their server. Players don't technically need a Fallout 1st membership to play in other players' custom worlds as long as the owner is online; however, if a player creates a world and invites other Fallout 1st members to it, those subscribers can access the world even when its owner isn't actually online.

In terms of customizable features for Fallout Worlds, players are able to change their servers in similar ways to the prolific modding community of Fallout and other Bethesda games. These range from custom weather effects, workshop adjustments, changes to combat, and a laundry list of other mechanics that can be modified in custom Fallout 76 Worlds.

Fallout Worlds represents yet another substantial change made to Bethesda's MMORPG since its problematic release. The list of things in Fallout 76 that have been fixed or improved is growing. Luckily for its dedicated fans, the game has seen continual updates and doesn't look to be abandoned by Bethesda anytime soon.

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Fallout 76 is available on PC, Xbox, and Playstation.

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