How Dead By Daylight's Pinhead Is Different From Other Killers

Dead by Daylight's newest crossover features Hellraiser's Cenobite, also known as Pinhead. The community and developers alike have been eager for Pinhead's addition to the game. This Killer brings three learnable perks that will appear in Dead by Daylight's Blood Web, a special attack, and a puzzle box mechanic that forces another objective on Survivors. The Hellraiser Chapter introduces many new elements to Dead by Daylight, continuing to diversify gameplay in matches.

Dead by Daylight continues bringing licensed Survivors and Killers into the fold, with Pinhead joining Michael Myers, Pyramid Head, Nemesis, and more. Behaviour Interactive continues efforts to keep Dead by Daylight relevant in light of its position as one of the few asymmetric multiplayer horror games on the market. Pinhead's new abilities ensure players on both sides will experience fresh content and develop new strategies to kill or survive.

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Pinhead possesses a unique power known as the Summons of Pain. This ability allows Pinhead to open a portal and summon a chain to attack Survivors. Once the chain binds players, they will be unable to sprint, and their movement speed is decreased. Dead by Daylight's current chase mechanics ensures that Killers are faster than Survivors, meaning that bound Survivors will be at extreme risk of being downed and sacrificed.

Like Dead By Daylight's Pig Killer, Hellraiser's Pinhead has an additional object that will spawn on the map at the beginning of the match. The Lament Configuration puzzle box will activate a Chain Hunt, which summons interdimensional chains to hunt Survivors. Players must pick the box up and solve the puzzle to deactivate Chain Hunt completely. Unfortunately, players carrying the Lament Configuration puzzle box will suffer from the Oblivious status effect. Unlike solving the Pig's mask, the Lament Configuration needs two Survivors to safely complete. The vulnerable state of the puzzle box carrier ensures another Survivor must accompany them to act as a lookout or take hits from Pinhead.

Pinhead also has three unique abilities that cripple Survivors and make them easier to locate. Deadblock blocks the generator closest to being done for a maximum of twenty seconds after Survivors complete a generator. This perk will keep Survivors from finishing their primary objective and give Pinhead more time to hunt his victims. Dead by Daylight: Hellraiser also contains Hex: Plaything, which activates after Pinhead hooks his first Survivor. The lit totem will make all Survivors Oblivious until players locate and cleanse it. Pinhead's final ability is Scourge Hook: Gift Pain, which affects a maximum of four hooks at the start of the game. Players unhooked from these locations will suffer Hemorrhage, Mangled, and a 7% decrease to all repair and healing actions until they are fully healed.

Compared to other Dead by Daylight Killers, Pinhead consistently exerts pressure onto Survivors. Recent killers like Dead by Daylight's Nemesis and Pyramid Head were also released with unique additions to hunt mechanics. With luck, these changes will continue to give each Killer its own appeal. Dead by Daylight's Hellraiser Chapter is available now on PC and consoles and will release on mobile soon.

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