GTA Online Player Ambushes Griefer By Pretending To Be AFK

A Grand Theft Auto Online player recently managed to outsmart a passing griefer by pretending to be away from their game. Set within the fictional open world of Los Santos, the online multiplayer component of Grand Theft Auto 5 was released in 2013 to overwhelming success, with Rockstar planning a next-gen console re-release of the game on November 11.

Almost eight years since its release, GTA Online remains hugely popular thanks to Rockstar Games’ continued support. The game received its biggest update of the year in July in the form of Los Santos Car Tuners, a car culture themed update which brought with it a plethora of new features, including a brand new social hub called LS Car Meet. The large update was quickly followed by smaller weekly content releases, the latest of which adds Shipwrecks to GTA Online’s shorelines.

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Reddit user Rastafire5 shared a video of their recent encounter with a griefer, managing to gain the upper hand in the situation by pretending to be away from their game. The clip begins with Rastafire5 pulling up to their home in Los Santos and pausing in front of their door in order to purchase some ammo. As the Redditor navigated through the game’s interaction menu, the loud exhaust of an incoming car caught their attention as it pulled up by their house. Wary of the uninvited guest’s intentions, Rastafire5 cleverly remained still, pretending to be AFK. Fooled into thinking the Redditor was an easy target, the griefer pulled out a gun, only to be immediately gunned down by Rastafire5, who was ready and waiting to defend themselves.

While Rastafire5’s encounter is certainly a clever way to deal with bad players, others have tried different tactics, with GTA Online soccer talk show hosts deciding to simply ignore griefers interrupting their conversation. Many Redditors chimed in to applaud Rastafire5’s video, as they were glad to see a griefer get punished. Others pointed out that the Redditor was kind to have only punished the griefer by killing them and not blowing up their car, which would have certainly burnt a hole in the griefer’s wallet.

GTA Online provides players with a great deal of freedom to spend their time in the virtual world of Los Santos however they wish. As such, players continue to come up with creative new ways to deal with bad players, with one fan even managing to use GTA Online’s trees to beat a griefer. While griefers will likely always be a problem for GTA fans, seeing them get their comeuppance might make it all worth it.

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Grand Theft Auto Online is available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Rastafire5/Reddit

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