Green Lantern Can Officially Overpower Darkseid's Most Iconic Weapon

Warning: spoilers ahead for Justice League: Last Ride #5!

Of all his weapons, Darkseid's Omega Beams are the most iconic and devastating, and yet DC has revealed that Green Lantern can effectively stop them. In Justice League: Last Ride #5, on sale now in print and digital, the Lord of Apokolips attempts to unleash his Omega Beams on Green Lantern, only for Green Lantern to stop the Beams dead in their tracks.

Comic fans know Darkseid as the ruler of Apokolips, perpetually seeking the Anti-Life Equation in order to eliminate free will and enslave the universe’s population. In addition to his intimidating presence and godlike strength and stamina, Darkseid also uses Omega Beams, which are highly concentrated energy beam he shoots from his eyes. The Omega Beams are capable of destroying anything that gets in their path, and even track their targets once fired. On some occasions, Darkseid is capable of not only killing a person with the Beams, but also resurrecting them too; Darkseid uses this as a form of torture. Most recently, in Infinite Frontier, the Omega Beams also demonstrated the ability to transport people across the multiverse. They are the most formidable weapon in his arsenal and nothing can stop them - except the light of a Green Lantern. Readers can see it in Justice League: Last Ride #5, written by Chip Zdarsky, with art by Miguel Mendonca, colors by Enrica Angiolini and letters by Andworld Design.

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Green Lantern Hal Jordan finds himself abandoned by Superman (who is set on saving the Martian Manhunter) during the Justice League's last battle with Darkseid, and the ruler of Apokolips unleashes his Omega Beams. Green Lantern creates hard-light constructs, forcing the Omega Beams to navigate a makeshift maze on their way to him. They continue to pursue him, and he makes his way to Darkseid, who is still shooting the Beams at Lantern. Green Lantern then creates a hard-light construct wall that manages to stop the Omega Beams, if only for a few seconds. The wall then collapses, and Darksied resumes his attack.

Very few objects in the DC Universe can stand up to the Omega Beams, and it was just revealed that Green Lantern's light is particularly effective against them. While the hard-light shield Hal Jordan creates eventually falls, it is able to withstand the Omega Beams for a short while. With this in mind, it is easy to see why Darkseid has finally broken his non-aggression pact with Oa in order to destroy the Central Power Battery - the Green Lantern Corps wields one of the few weapons in the universe capable of resisting his Omega Beams, and by extension, Darkseid himself.

Green Lantern isn't a hero who necessarily comes to mind as a true DC powerhouse, mostly because the Corps depends so much on teamwork and numbers to face the ultimate threats of the galaxy. But in this issue, Hal Jordan shows that with sufficient will and imagination, Green Lanterns can stop Darkseid's deadliest form of attack - something that will be even more vital now that Infinite Frontier has revealed he's attempting to end the multiverse itself.

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