God of War Ragnarok Was PlayStation Showcase's Most-Watched Trailer

24 hours after PlayStation Showcase came to a close, God of War Ragnarök and Marvel's Spider-Man 2 were the games with the highest number of trailer views. Both sequels stole the show in their own respect. Spider-Man 2's teaser trailer came as a surprise, however, since developer Insomniac Games had unveiled another new project a little earlier in the showcase - Marvel's Wolverine.

The God of War reveal, in particular, was a long time coming. Sony and Santa Monica Studio originally announced the title during a digital PlayStation event in September 2020, offering little more than a logo, title, and release window tease. That release window - 2021 - won't be met, though. And despite the lengthy gameplay footage shown during last week's showcase, neither the publisher nor developer seems ready to talk shop about Ragnarok's due date. Yet, the ongoing secrecy appears to have hardly affected the general hype surrounding the God of War sequel.

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The day after PlayStation Showcase, industry analyst and Twitter user Benji-Sales compiled a list of the most-watched trailers in the first 24 hours. God of War Ragnarok took the highest honor with a cumulative 10 million views on YouTube; Spider-Man 2 came in second place with over nine million. Interestingly, Marvel's Wolverine counted as the third most-viewed, logging seven-plus million views. The KOTOR Remake and Gran Turismo 7 rounded out the top five with approximately three million and one million, respectively. Benji-Sales explained his methodology in a follow-up post, saying that "all trailer uploads with over 100k views" were taken into consideration and combined.

Undoubtedly, numbers for all of the above listed trailer have increased considerably in the days since then. This especially holds true since the talk around God of War Ragnarok and Spider-Man 2 has yet to subside. Earlier this week, for instance, Santa Monica Studio shared an Odin-related tease. And Lead VFX Artist Bryanna Lindsey recently confirmed that the Spider-Man 2 teaser footage ran in real-time.

When either of the sequels will resurface is anyone's for now; yet, reason suggests God of War may receive a second showing first since it, supposedly, remains on track for 2022 release. Spider-Man, on the other hand, is much further out from its PS5 launch.

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God of War Ragnarök should hit PS4 and PS5 in 2022; Marvel's Spider-Man 2 launches in 2023 on PS5.

Source: Benji-Sales/Twitter via VG247

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