Gilmore Girls: 10 Ways Mitchum Was Right About Rory, According To Reddit

Throughout all of Gilmore GirlsRory dreams of being a journalist and seems well-suited to a career that involves a lot of writing, reading, and research. But when Rory interns for Logan's dad Mitchum in season 5, he sits her down and tells her that she doesn't have what it takes to make it in the industry, and she's totally devastated.

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While fans sympathize with Rory's hurt feelings, many believe that she makes a mistake by listening to Mitchum, stealing a boat, and dropping out of Yale. Viewers have shared their thoughts and feelings on this plot point in several Reddit threads, as they believe that Mitchum's words have a lot of truth behind them.

10 Rory Is Too Nervous During Her Internship

Logan has sweet Gilmore Girls moments, although viewers learn a lot about his rich background and harsh family. While it's great that Rory is able to get an internship at his dad's company, Rory definitely behaves strangely during it.

Reddit user Notsche doesn't think that Rory does a good job when working at Mitchum's newspaper. The fan explained, "Rory was given an endless amount of chances throughout the internship. She was encouraged to speak, to question everything and everyone, to be a proper journalist." Rory stays silent and doesn't offer up her own ideas.

9 Rory Should Listen To Constructive Criticism

While Rory is offended by Mitchum's words and thinks that he's being cruel and unfair, Reddit user shewhois7 believes "The fact that she even took criticism the way she did shows she would have been a terrible journalist."

It's true that Mitchum surprises Rory when he has such a negative impression of her. But he also observes journalists on a daily basis and he wants to her to know that there's room for improvement. If Rory was as strong and ambitious as Gilmore Girls fans have often seen her, wouldn't she think of Mitchum's speech as constructive criticism and work harder?

8 Rory Has Trouble Pitching Stories In The Revival

Reddit user monet96 agrees that Rory doesn't seem well-suited to journalism as when she meets with an editor in the revival, she doesn't have any article ideas. The fan asked, "who goes to an interview at a media outlet without ANY pitches bouncing around in one's brain?"

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This definitely suggests that Mitchum's words carry some truth, as if Rory was really meant to be a reporter, it seems like she would have endless ideas at any given time. It also seems like she would prepare more for meetings and interviews. Many fans are surprised at Rory's behavior in A Year In The Life, including how she seems lost and confused about moving her career forward.

7 Doyle Agrees With Mitchum's Comments

One Redditor believes that Mitchum is on the right track as even Doyle omits a music review Rory writes and says it was too boring to publish, proving that other people see Rory the same way. The Redditor and fan wrote, "Rory was great at school and thrives when there is timelines and guidance. When it comes to establishing her own ideas that appeal to the masses it falls short."

The focus on Doyle is often on the pros and cons of Paris and Doyle's romance, but he's also an intelligent and determined editor who has good judgement, and it's interesting to think that he thinks that Rory has to try harder and put in more effort with her work.

6 Rory Thinks Being A Journalist Will Be "Romantic"

Reddit user SamIAm_3210 thinks that Rory "romanticizes the idea of becoming a journalist" and that she might not know what it really takes.

When Mitchum gives Rory his thoughts on her future, he explains that he's following his gut instincts, and fans tend to agree with his assessment. It seems like Rory has grown up always thinking that journalism is fun because it can involve a lot of travel, but she's not prepared to speak up during her internship or make herself stand out.

5 Rory Doesn't Seem To Have The Right Personality

While Rory learns lessons at Yale, she does struggle in some classes and sometimes hangs back instead of really making the most of her experience.

For Reddit user smithhls178, Rory doesn't have a tough enough personality to be a successful reporter. The fan wrote, "She liked books and writing, and wanted to 'see something,' but journalists often need to ask uncomfortable questions and be aggressive." Many viewers agree that Rory might not have the temperament to chase stories and leads and interview people.

4 Rory Should Be Able To Move On Quickly

One Redditor pointed out that when Mitchum and Richard talk about what he said to Rory, Mitchum makes it clear that Rory can still make it if she's got a tough personality. The fan explained, "I particularly like what he said to Richard after he said that Mitchum crushed Rory. He said that if Rory is strong, she will bounce back."

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This is a good point and speaks to why Gilmore Girls fans are still stunned that Rory believes Mitchum and leaves Yale. She should be able to tell him that while she respects his opinion, she's going to make her career happen and she'll try as hard as she can.

3 Rory Doesn't Put Her Summers To Good Use

One Redditor thinks that Mitchum tells the truth because Rory has fun during her summers and travels instead of working toward her journalism goals. The fan wrote, "She spent her summer in Paris with her grandmother instead of interning at a paper, or getting a job to look good for her resume. Only regretting [or realizing it] when other people spent their summers productively."

Many fans are confused about why Rory wouldn't set up some summertime internships, especially once she's in college, as she doesn't seem that on top of building up her resume before setting out in the working world.

2 Rory Always Expects Positive Feedback

It's true that Rory does nice things on Gilmore Girls, but fans believe that she expects for life to go her way and she thinks that she'll always get positive feedback. Reddit user jennydb thinks that" Rory responded very immaturely because she is used to being basically worshipped all her life by her town, her mom, and her grandparents."

The general criticism of Rory is that she's been a sweet, rule follower all of her life and once she gets to Yale and then out in the real world in the revival, she has a lot of trouble being told that she's doing something wrong.

1 Mitchum Says He Could Be Wrong

While Rory thinks that Mitchum is way out of line, Reddit user dathyni wonders why she gets so upset because he sounds professional and calmly tells her his take on her journalistic skills. The fan explained that "he even admits that he could be wrong due to the limited view he has based solely on the internship."

It's true that Rory could be motivated to prove Mitchum wrong and she could take comfort in the fact that he says this is just his opinion and it's possible that he's not on the right track. Fans definitely wish that Rory had acted differently here.

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