Game of Thrones Official Fan Convention Set For February 2022

A massive Game of Thrones fan convention is coming... to Las Vegas in February 2022. For eight seasons, Game of Thrones reigned as one of the biggest shows in the world. The series followed the plot of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series up until its most recent installment, 2011's A Dance with Dragons, exploring the ever-changing battle for the throne of the fantastical world of Westeros. Game of Thrones came to an end in 2019 with a shortened final season that ended up dividing fans; despite that, the series remains quite popular.

Because of that, HBO is forging forward with additional shows set within the Game of Thrones world. Most of the spin-offs are still in the early stages of development, but one is on track to premiere next year. House of the Dragon is partially based on Martin's Fire and Blood, which expands upon the history of House Targaryen. Production has been underway since earlier this year, and fans have already been treated to pictures of the cast in their costumes.

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With House of the Dragon set to introduce the newest Game of Thrones era, Warner Bros. and Creation Entertainment are teaming up to create a fan convention centered exclusively on all things GoT. Taking place at the Rio Hotel & Suites Convention Center on February 18-20, 2022, the Game of Thrones Official Fan Convention will offer an action-packed experience with special guests, panel discussions, cosplay and trivia competitions, autograph signing sessions, photo opportunities, sales of exclusive merch, and more. A full schedule and ticket pricing will be available at a later date, though fans can sign up to be notified via newsletter if they wish.

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Though it hasn't been announced, one can assume special looks at House of the Dragon will be revealed at the Game of Thrones Official Fan Convention. Cast members like Matt Smith and Olivia Cooke could be on hand as well, and attendees should expect some Game of Thrones alums to put in appearances. This event comes after HBO celebrated Game of Thrones' 10th anniversary earlier this year, though the convention promises to be a far bigger spectacle.

The Game of Thrones convention will be among the first major in-person fan events erected in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The past year has seen everything from San Diego Comic-Con to Star Wars Celebration get cancelled, and while things are starting to shift back to normal, it will be surreal to have something as large as this Game of Thrones event taking off. With several months to go before it begins, fans have plenty of time to plan for this major convention.

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