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As fun as it is funny, Free Guy's success is the result of a combination of factors. The movie clicks at such a rapid pace partially due to how uniquely effective each character is. And with so many great characters operating in a wild, digital world, it would be disappointing if there were not some memorable quotes in the mix.

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Fortunately, Free Guy delivers in terms of quotable dialogue. From primary characters such as Guy and Millie to prevalent supporting characters such as Dude, everyone gets a chance to lodge themselves in the viewer's memory.

7 Dude - "Catchphrase!"

Dude is what happens when problem-solving is left up to Antwan. He doesn't understand what makes the world (virtual or real) turn. Dude is his idea of a "final boss" - one of the video game tropes that Free Guy parodies.

His catchphrase, which is literally "Catchphrase," is indicative of the amount of thought put into his creation by Antwan and the simplicity behind his being is the same as the simplicity of his fall. His coding is, in the end, inferior to Guy's.

6 Antwan - "I Don't Care If He's Arnold Schwarz-invader! Terminate Him!"

Antwan is far from the smartest character in Free Guy and creating the ill-advised Dude truly reveals what he is: a hack and a thief. He stole the code from Millie and Keys' game, "Life Itself," and shows no remorse for his actions.

In fact, his motivations are based solely on hiding this duplicitous fact from the world. This is conveyed perfectly by Taika Waititi, as he yells "I don't care if he's Arnold Schwarz-invader!  Terminate him!"

5 Mouser - "Nice Skin!"

A running joke in Free Guy is the titular character's blissful lack of awareness about the reality of his surroundings. As Keys and Mouser (in a rabbit costume) chase Guy, Mouser shouts his best line.

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What makes this quote work so well is Guy's perfectly understandable befuddled response. The pink rabbit suit (also a play on video game character skins) adds further self-awareness to a joke that already worked. Then, he and Keys engage in haranguing Guy for his seemingly unprogrammed behavior.

4 Keys - "Listen Up, Neutrogena."

After Mouser shouts his skin remark, only to receive a sincere reply about genetics, Keys steps in. Keys is clever, picking up on the interchange with this quote, followed by, "You know you can't go around looking like that. The rules are clear ..."

A lot is done with this brief monologue. It shows Keys is at least somewhat humorous, and while he's antagonizing Guy at the moment, his heart is in the right place. His remark about Guy's appearance conveys one of the film's central themes, which is that we're all unique and that's something to be celebrated.

3 Buddy - "What's More Real Than A Person Trying To Help Someone They Love?"

Free Guy is one of those movies that manages to pull off its themes without ever seeming condescending. The viewer gets the sense that the movie is just about loving life. This includes stopping every now and then to appreciate the things we already have. Whether or not it's all real becomes irrelevant in the moment.

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When Guy goes to Buddy to relay potentially crushing information, he's instead treated to a heart-to-heart. This culminates in Buddy teaching Guy a very important lesson: life is about the time we spend with (and for) others, and in its delivery, he invites the audience to agree.

2 Millie / Molotovgirl - "Oh, He Found The Button." / "Wow, Enjoy Your Lifetime Supply Of Virginity."

Millie the player and Molotovgirl the game character are two different characters with cracks of similarity that grows as the film progresses. Like Guy, Millie/Molotovgirl is arguably Free Guy's best character(s).

In the real world, Millie is a woman who has been cheated by an eccentric rube, just like Keys. The difference between herself and Keys is their tactics in handling the situation. Millie goes on an exploratory mission for justice, whereas Keys more or less accepts defeat. Millie's response to Keys, when pressed about her MolotovGirl time with Guy, ends with her saying "Oh, he found the button." She's impressed by Guy, and it serves as a dichotomy to her taunt of, "Wow, enjoy your lifetime of virginity," in response to him saying he wants to be a "great guy."

1 Guy - "Don't Have A Good Day, Have A Great Day!"

Guy's many great quotes throughout Free Guy take full advantage of Ryan Reynolds' magnetism and affability. This is shown upfront via his character's constant use of the phrase, "Don't have a good day, have a great day!"

Guy brings light to all those around him. He's consistently cheery, even when it's seldom reciprocated. The warmth of the character is amplified by his naivete, which also leads to some startlingly poignant quotes about individual growth. Midway through the movie, he says, "I may not be real, but for a second there, I felt pretty alive." The tug of the heartstrings this quote provides works beautifully because Guy has been established as someone who genuinely wants people to "Have a great day!"

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