Far Cry 6 Lets You Pet & Feed Lots of Animals (Not Just Dogs)

In addition to adorable dogs like Chorizo, Far Cry 6 will let players interact with a wide range of animals, including the likes of crocodiles and pelicans. Far Cry 5's Guns for Hire allowed players to recruit companions that assisted during combat encounters. The upcoming entry revived the feature with Amigos, a group of NPC assistants comprised entirely of animals.

The Guns for Hire lineup in Far Cry 5 saw humans and furry friends take center stage. Elite sniper Grace Armstrong proved the perfect companion when infiltrating strongholds. And Adelaide's helicopter often came in handy. Animal companions arguably received much of the love, though, with Boomer the dog serving as the most memorable of the bunch. A grizzly bear named Cheeseburger regularly showcased its strength in firefights as well; the same held true for a pouncing mountain lion that really put fear in the heart of its prey. Far Cry 6's animal companions seem a bit more fierce, though.

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YouTuber Cycu1 used b-roll footage from Ubisoft to compile a three-minute video packed with animal interactions in Far Cry 6. Of course, everyone's favorite pet, Chorizo the wiener dog, appears partway through the gameplay video, but a series of other animals steal the show, too. Protagonist Dani Rojas will be able to pet and feed horses, for example. An incredibly violent rooster might let players express a show of gratitude on occasion. Pelicans and small rodents will stop for pats and food, as well. But users should especially keep an eye out for man-eating crocodiles. They're recruitable and fans can take their chances at tossing them meat to eat; however, one instance in the below video depicts Dani nearly getting mauled upon stepping in the personal space of the oversized reptile.

Clearly, Far Cry 6 players will have an array of animal companions from which to choose. As shown in the video, though, choosing widely will be of the utmost importance. But those who forego an animal friend shouldn't feel left out; after all, it seems developer Ubisoft Toronto packed the title with several creatures that can simply be interacted with in the wild - no commitment necessary.

Originally set to release earlier this year, Far Cry 6's arrival is nearly upon us. The title will drop players on the fictional island of Yara, a Cuba analogue that needs rescuing from an overbearing dictator whose future plans don't bode well for everyone.

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Far Cry 6 hits Google Stadia, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S this fall on October 7.

Source: Cycu1/YouTube

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