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Post-apocalyptic video games don't get much more popular than the Fallout franchise, particularly the fourth chapter in the series. The game boasts an immersive adventure experience, well-rounded RPG mechanics, and a colorful assortment of interesting and dynamic characters with a lot to say.

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Some of the NPCs drop unintentional nuggets of wisdom, moments of vulnerability, and a joke or two throughout the game. A testament to the strength of the writing, the symbolism behind many of these important quotes should not be overlooked.

10 "I Guess I Just Wanted To Show You That There's Two Sides To Every Victory. Those Who Live To Revel In It, And Those Who Died Making It Happen." - Teagan

War never changes, and battle is, to many, pretty black and white; one side must win, and one side must lose. However, Teagan has another perspective, this time focusing on just one side of the equation.

The winning side always celebrates a victory, but those who died participating in it never get the chance. It's the reason many cultures take a moment to honor the fallen dead who aren't around to enjoy the victory when the smoke clears.

9 "The Past, The Present And The Future Walked Into A Bar. It Was Tense." - Codsworth

Codsworth is one of the funniest characters in Fallout 4, purely because of his unique way of looking at the world. As a Mister Handy robot, he lacks the true ability to see things from a human perspective, even if his AI programming suggests otherwise.

That means Codsworth is loaded with bad jokes galore designed to showcase his ironic lack of awareness. This quote is one such example of a terrible joke with an especially cringeworthy punchline that should be retired permanently.

8 "It's Only Looking Back By Comparison With What Comes After That You Really Understand, That's What Happiness Felt Like." - Kellogg

The character of Kellogg serves as one of the principal antagonists of Fallout 4, and players are groomed to hate him within the first half-hour of the game. He's the one responsible for shooting the player's spouse and stealing baby Shaun away.

Players encounter Kellogg later in the game, but an opportunity for payback quickly becomes cloudy when he reveals that things are not what they seem. Kellogg's unique outlook on life is both tragic and surprisingly human, as evidenced by this powerful quote about the nature of happiness in a world gone mad.

7 "Broke Up With My Girl Last Night. She Kept The Cap Off The Toothpaste. You Know Who Does That? A Synth!" - Diamond City Guard

Suspicion is rampant in Diamond City, and it's directed at the Synth population, in particular. Humans simply don't trust them, and perhaps understandably so. Under the control of the Institute, Synths have been responsible for a number of killings and kidnappings throughout the region.

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Diamond City is a hotbed of anti-Synth sentiment, and it's so thick that the citizens have gotten quite silly about it. One guard mutters this line that shows just how far and ridiculous the anti-Synth sentiment has become over the years.

6 "Plenty Of Folks Wanna' Make Life Hard For People Just Tryin' To Survive. I'm Not Willing To Stand For That Kinda' S***." - Hancock

Hancock is no saint, but he clearly isn't a villain, either. He can be ruthless in his dealings, but he does so for the benefit of his citizens in Goodneighbor. He walks a fine line between benevolence and violence while adhering to a personal code of conduct.

No matter what the situation is, Hancock clearly doesn't enjoy bullies or bad guys. He stands up for those who want to make a better life for themselves, as evidenced by this quote. As a ghoul who has faced persecution in the past, he undoubtedly understands how important it is for people to be left alone to flourish.

5 "There Really Is No Way To Ride A Seesaw With Dignity." - Nick Valentine

Nick Valentine might be a Synth, but he's one of the most beloved characters in the game. As a private investigator, Valentine boasts one of the most human personalities in Fallout 4 despite his artificial origins, and he also comes pre-programmed with some of the best quotes in Fallout 4.

Valentine is characterized by his optimism, even when things go bad. This extends to his fun brand of humor, such as this quote about riding a seesaw. It's a truthful statement that elicits a lot of laughs, especially for those thinking back to their childhood.

4 "To The World That Was. Mankind Shall Never See Its Like Again." - Richard Bradford

An offscreen NPC offers this solemn quote when the player visits an old club during their travels through the Commonwealth. A character named Richard Bradford speaks for a group known as the Boylston Club, an elite organization made up of political and financial power players who paid a hefty annual fee to become members.

After the war broke out and the world fell into nuclear war, the members decided to pay homage to the dead world before committing suicide via poisoned wine. Bradford bid this dead world adieu by leaving this quote on a holotape which would be found hundreds of years later by the player.

3 "Humanity Is So Resilient, To Cling To Life Despite All Of This." - Curie

Curie has a uniquely optimistic view of humanity in comparison to most living in the post-war Commonwealth. She doesn't see the negative aspects of the human race, but rather, their ability to survive and bounce back despite any catastrophe.

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This quote has her referencing how humanity has managed to crawl back from the precipice and rebuild itself, to some degree. It may not be perfect, but Curie realizes that it's the first stepping stone to the human race ascending once more, even after destroying themselves through nuclear conflict.

2 "I've Seen Soldiers Come And Go. Some Were Brave. Some Were Honest. Some Were Even Heroic, But I've Never Called Any Of Them A Friend." - Paladin Danse

The Brotherhood of Steel isn't big on words, and they prefer to take action rather than discuss and negotiate. Paladin Danse is a perfect representation of how the Brotherhood works. They're straight to the point, unwavering and uncompromising, all while holding to a self-imposed code of honor.

Danse's quote isn't particularly optimistic, but it is honest and pragmatic. In a world gone mad, he largely viewed his brothers in arms as fellow soldiers fighting for a common cause rather than comradery. It's also slightly tragic and demonstrates just how alone Danse and other Brotherhood members must feel.

1 "If Paranoia Started To Fall Like Rain, This Place Would Need To Build An Ark." - MacCready

Fallout 4 is full of hidden areas, and MacCready is one follower players should take along for the ride. He's full of punchy and witty one-liners, and this is his best one. He utters it when players get close to the small village of Covenant, which is suffering a massive outbreak of Synth paranoia. It's a fact that isn't lost on MacCready or the player as they begin to explore Covenant and talk with its residents.

As the player learns more about what's really going on in Covenant, MacCready's quote becomes more clear. On a broader scope, his words reflect just how afraid people are for their lives in the harsh post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 4 where danger lurks around every corner.

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