Every Far Cry 6 Crossover Event Announced For Post-Launch (So Far)

New post-launch content for Far Cry 6 has been revealed, and the game will feature some exciting Crossover Missions to spice things up. The newest game in the Far Cry series looks set to be the biggest entry yet, with players assuming the role of Dani Rojas as they set out to lead a rebellion against Yara's dictator Anton Castillo. The game will lean into Far Cry's penchant for absurdity by including features like the Supremos and ability to craft strange weapons, and the game's upcoming DLC will go even further by providing unexpected crossovers with other media properties for fans to experience.

Video games crossing over with different forms of media has become increasingly common throughout the years. The Mortal Kombat games have pulled characters like the Terminator and Joker into their roster, and Fortnite has crossed over with Marvel, DC, the NFL and more. So while it's not entirely surprising that Far Cry 6 will be doing the same, it's definitely exciting to see Ubisoft branching out into new territory for the series.

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Ubisoft released a Post Launch trailer for Far Cry 6 yesterday, highlighting more DLC content that would be released after the game's release. Along with the three DLC episodes that feature past Far Cry villains and Special Operation missions, the game will feature special Crossover Missions that will be released for free throughout the next year. These are the three Crossover Missions that were announced during the trailer.

The first crossover DLC for Far Cry 6 will see actor Danny Trejo teaming up with protagonist Dani Rojas in Danny & Dani vs. Everybody. Players will control Dani as they help Trejo serve his famous Trejo Tacos to the good citizens of Yara, and it looks like there will be some destructive violence mixed in there along the way. Ubisoft even confirmed that Trejo would bring a machete along for the events, hearkening back to his iconic role in the Machete film series.

The second crossover shown for Far Cry 6 will be heavily inspired by the action-packed Rambo movie franchise. Instead of featuring Rambo, either as himself or a skin, the DLC will see Dani Rojas join a superfan of the movies that  dresses like the titular character as they take on the Yaran military. The trailer promised a "blood-soaked rampage straight out of an action movie," which sounds like a loving tribute to the violence of the Rambo films.

The final crossover shown is a partnership between Far Cry 6 and Netflix's popular Stranger Things series called The Vanishing. Something mysterious has happened to the wheelchair-bound dog Chorizo, and it seemingly has to do with the Upside Down from the Stranger Things universe. It's up to Dani Rojas to journey into the Upside Down-version of Far Cry 6's Yara to find the cuddly companion before anything bad happens to him.

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