Even More Death Stranding Director's Cut Features Revealed By Kojima

Recently, Hideo Kojima shared details about extra features that will debut in Death Stranding Director's Cut, including a neat new addition to zip line functionality. Kojima's reveal of said features comes only a day after the final trailer for the Director's Cut went live online.

The trailer, complete with a fair few spoilers, showcased the PlayStation 5's wide mode and teased the modes that Kojima Productions added in as a bonus. For example, players have a Firing Range to look forward to, something that doesn't currently exist in the base version of Death Stranding. The Director's Cut boasts an all-new racing mode as well; dubbed Fragile Circuit, the racing-centric gameplay option arguably counts as the upcoming package's most surprising addition. Evidently, Kojima and Co. have at least a couple more surprises up their sleeves in terms of supplemental content.

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Earlier today, Hideo Kojima took to Twitter to remind fans that Death Stranding Director's Cut's various teasers are all available for public consumption. In calling attention to previous trailers, the Director also shared two gameplay-related tips. Death Stranding's zip lines can be paired with floaters to make carrying hefty batches of cargo much easier, Kojima revealed. Upon jumping into the Director's Cut, players will also find they can outfit mountainous areas with national roads. The tweet in question appears in the post below:

As stated above, the changes for zip lines and national roads should make navigating the world of Death Stranding much easier, especially when heavier cargo is involved. And who knows if these are all the extra features that Kojima Productions managed to pack into the updated experience? Players will find out for certain in the very near future.

Sony originally published Death Stranding roughly two years ago in late 2019 on PS5. The genre-defying title later migrated to PC with a port published by 505 Games. All in all, Hideo Kojima's first major project post-Konami went on to become quite the noteworthy success, evidenced by its sales figures. According to the studio's Head of Publishing Jay Boor, Death Stranding had moved over five million units across PC and PS4 as of March 2021. That number will likely rise considerably once the Director's Cut hits store shelves later this month.

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Death Stranding Director's Cut is slated to release for PlayStation 5 on September 24.

Source: Hideo Kojima/Twitter

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