Deathloop's Julianna Invaders Can Secretly Help Colt Win

The multiplayer gameplay of Deathloop pits Colt and Julianna against each other, but players don't have to be as antagonistic as the title suggests. In fact, someone playing Julianna in Deathloop can make things much, much easier for Colt - even if it is unlikely the other player will ever know it is happening.

When Julianna spawns into one of Deathloop's four levels, she is tasked with keeping Colt from killing off Blackreef's Visionaries while also preventing him from hacking an antennae and escaping. While most players are clearly finding a lot to like about the cat-and-mouse emergent gameplay that comes from these interactions, it's not the only way two players can get enjoyment out of Deathloop's mechanics.

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Deathloop's multiplayer allows Julianna to dispatch Eternalists with just as much ease, if not more so, than what is found in the main story, so instead of attacking Colt it's equally as entertaining to assist him instead. Julianna isn't initially flagged as an enemy to the Eternalists' AI, so any sudden murders or betrayals on her end are often met with confusion and surprise, and as long as no one is left to call for help and report what happened the rest of the enemies on the map should stay oblivious to the player's actions. In this way, someone playing as Julianna in Deathloop can effectively assist Colt in "Breaking the Loop" rather than hindering them, and it's quite a fun way to play the game.

Not everyone enjoys multiplayer shooters, which is why Arkane lets players choose whether they want to deal with Julianna invasions from strangers, just from friends, or not at all. Two friends could utilize Julianna's potential as a secret agent to make sections of the game much easier, clearing out locations with pincer attacks and teamwork as opposed to stealth and lone gunman-style shootouts. Julianna could even remove all of the turrets from any given area with ease, no hacking or battery removals required. However, much of the fun of playing a "Break the Loop"-focused Julianna is doing it when players aren't expecting help.

When playing Deathloop as Colt, the message "Julianna is on the hunt" can be a frightening thing - it means someone out there is currently likely trying to end what could have been a run lasting an hour or more. Having that message appear and then not seeing Julianna for a long period of time can be even more troubling, causing players to constantly scan the rooftops and slowly move around corners so they don't get surprised. Finding an area empty - one that Colt knows by now is usually full of enemies - can be even more off-putting.

Playing Julianna in a way which helps Colt achieve his goals in Deathloop but also likely puts players on edge is an entertaining way to turn the 1v1 multiplayer on its head, and since Deathloop players for the amount of time Julianna stays alive people playing with this method can still effectively level up her weapon, slab, and outfit collections without needing to constantly hunt Colt down over and over again. There are a lot of different ways players have been having fun in Deathloop, but one of the most unique methods is the exact opposite of what the game wants them to do.

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