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In addition to the multiple weapons and trinkets players will find, Deathloop has resources like Residuum, which is immensely useful when found and used. Residuum can be infused into players’ items, allowing them to keep their arsenal of weapons, trinkets, and slabs after they are killed. Since players will often die and be sent back to the beginning of the time loop due to either enemies and bosses or the Invasion feature to protect the loop, using Residuum is incredibly important to players’ success.

Residuum must be gathered and infused into items before they can be carried into the next time loop. Otherwise, all the weapons, trinkets, and slabs players gathered, including golden weapons, will be lost. However, when players die, all their accumulated Residuum is also lost. It is important to continuously infuse items with Residuum so players can keep their arsenal and lose the least amount of Residuum possible upon death.

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Before players can gather Residuum, they must first unlock the ability to do so. After players are a few hours into Deathloop's main story, they will embark on a mission called “Ubiquity.” This mission requires players to find Wenjie inside the complex. Players must make their way into the complex, where they will find multiple Wenjies scattered throughout. After killing the duplicate Wenjies, players will find the final Wenjie, who must be killed and harvested. They can use the portable harvester next to the whiteboard and harvest Wenjie’s soul from her corpse. They can then head back to the main room and put the harvester into the Infuser. To complete this step, players will need to enter the pod and shoot the button to end the current loop.

After players reset the loop, they will enter a new time loop. However, players will have the weapon they died with since it was infused with Residuum. After this time loop reset, players gain the ability to harvest Residuum in several ways. Players can gather Residuum by harvesting objects they’ve looted, collecting from glowing items around the map, and killing Deathloop's Visionaries.

Items cost different amounts of Residuum to carry over into the next time loop. Players must keep track of Residuum levels and make sure important items are always infused with it. Players can retrieve their Residuum upon death, but only if they use the Reprise ability to rewind their death and grab their own loot.

One surefire way of collecting Residuum in Deathloop is by traveling to Updaam and opening a special safe. This safe contains 5,000 Residuum and can be opened during every new time loop to ensure players can keep most or all their items after a reset.

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Deathloop is available on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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