Death Stranding Director's Cut PS5 Upgrade Cheaper in UK Than Expected

Previously thought to bear a £10 price tag in the United Kingdom, it's come to light that Death Stranding Director's Cut PS5 upgrade will actually cost £5. In confirming a release date for Death Stranding Director's Cut back in July, Sony itself, via a PlayStation Blog post, said the upgrade from PS4 to PS5 would run North American and European customers $10 and €10, respectively.

The Director's Cut will debut a whole host of new features exclusive to Death Stranding's PlayStation 5 version, chief among them being the addition of DualSense controller support. PS5 players can also look forward to an all-new Widescreen Mode, 3D audio support, and near-instant load times made possible by the console's lighting fast SSD. Furthermore, as with most titles on Sony's latest hardware, the upcoming iteration of Death Stranding will pack in two different picture modes - Performance targets scaled 4K visuals and 60fps, while Fidelity boasts native 4K and HDR.

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Given its imminent release, fans were sure all of the need-to-know information regarding Death Stranding Director's Cut had already made the rounds online. The PlayStation UK Twitter account recently managed to toss out quite the surprising curveball, however. Instead of £10, the Director's Cut PS5 upgrade will cost players in the UK a comparatively meager £5. At the time of writing, it's unclear if the upgrade price will be similarly halved in other territories, such as North America where users can currently expect to pay $10.

Sony's approach to PS5 upgrade paths for its own titles remains a topic of discussion. Public backlash about a $10 upgrade for Horizon Forbidden West forced the publisher to reverse course, for instance, making the PS4 to PS5 upgrade free for all. But the company insisted Horizon's sequel constitutes the last free upgrade offer. It's clear Sony plans on sticking to its guns, too, given today's announcement that Gran Turismo 7's PS5 upgrade will indeed cost $10.

The additions to Death Stranding Director's Cut promise more than new bells and whistles attached to PS5's hardware capabilities. Kojima Productions developed several extra features as well, including the Fragile Circuit racing mode and Firing Range. A few quality of life improvements are also entering the mix, with Hideo Kojima, specifically, calling attention to the fact that players will have the ability to travel zip lines with floaters.

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Death Stranding Director's Cut navigates its way to PS5 on September 24.

Source: PlayStation UK/Twitter

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