Deadpool's Dance-Off To Save The Universe is Better Than Star-Lord's

Warning: contains major spoilers for Deadpool: Black, White & Blood #2!

The film Guardians of the Galaxy may have featured Star-Lord's dance-off against Ronan the Accuser, but he's not the only one who could save the universe by dancing. Deadpool could very easily save the universe in the same way, if given the chance. In Deadpool: Black, White & Blood #2 he nearly does just that - until his story derails in a new direction.

Deadpool is always engaging in zany antics as he takes out assorted targets for money or gets roped into saving the day. He is known for irritating other characters, but he might just have another skill that could come in handy: dancing. Star-Lord, on the other hand, is known for his love of music and dancing. In Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), he dances with Gamora - who ultimately leaves him hanging during the dance-off to save the universe. It isn't often that fans see Deadpool dancing, but in his latest adventure, he gets an amazing dance partner to save the universe with.

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"Pool of Death," a story within this anthology, has the creative team of Daniel Warren Johnson and VC's Joe Sabino. This story is an attempt to find a new Deadpool story worth telling. The first attempt isn't a highlight, being overdone (yes, he fights Wolverine). The next sees him partnering with performer extraordinaire, Dazzler. She is known for her dancing and singing abilities, making her the perfect partner in a dance contest.

This isn't a freestyle dancing competition. Sure, Star-Lord is able to groove on the fly when the occasion arises. However, Deadpool's dance-off requires some legitimate, technical skills that Star-Lord just doesn't seem to have. Wade has to swing dance - against Magneto. The supervillain may be great at moving metal objects, but are his dance skills up to par? Unfortunately, Deadpool versus Magneto isn't a contest fans fully get to see. The comic takes a twist to a much more heartfelt story with no dancing involved. However, this does beg the question: who would actually win this dance-off? Furthermore, who would win in this contest - or one with fewer restrictions - if Deadpool faced off against Star-Lord?

Deadpool is paired off with a natural dancer who is a professional performer. The Merc with a Mouth has also proven that he knows a lot of assorted skills that come in handy in tough spots. It wouldn't be a complete surprise if Wade knew how to dance in a more disciplined manner or had taken dance classes. That is exactly the kind of thing he would do for a gag. Already he has a leg up on his competition, since he is seen swinging Dazzler around. Star-Lord dances based entirely on instinct and enjoyment. Having been abducted from Earth, he never would have had the opportunity to take any dance classes or attend a school dance - unless he managed to watch a movie with swing dancing in it as much as he watched Footloose.

Even if there are dance studios in space, Star-Lord's skills on-screen aren't enough to rival Dazzler's. Star-Lord would also need a partner and in their dance-off to save the universe that really happened, Gamora left him hanging. He would need to find a willing partner to even have the opportunity to win. If this were a dance contest based entirely on replicating dance moves from Footloose, Star-Lord could have the upper hand, but in a structured competition like this one, Deadpool would surely find a way to win.

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