Deadpool: 10 Unpopular Opinions About The Comic Books, According To Reddit

Fans of the Deadpool franchise have supported both the films and comics to express their love and devotion for the Regenerating Degenerate, helping it rake in over $782 million at the box office and lining up for any sneak peeks of Deadpool 3. But some viewers and readers have taken to Reddit to express opinions far less popular. From character flaws to problems with pacing and writing, these opinions range from the subjective hot take to the calculated point.

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As plausible as some of these opinions may be, they remain unpopular with fans, especially those of the ride or die variety. While it's likely that many of these opinions are merely stated to stir the Marvel pot, the opinions that sting with truth are the ones that die-hard fans find hardest to accept.

10 Deadpool Isn't Funny

One of the biggest blows to Wade Wilson is the fact that some viewers and readers just think he's not funny at all. Dubbing Deadpool more annoying than funny, several Reddit users have the unpopular opinion that 'Pool's bleak humor and pop culture references just don't tickle their funnybone.

User wtfhaveidoneplshelp points out, "the gratuitous violence contributes to the nihilistic humour that really gets the millennial generation so maybe that's why it's considered funny," which is true, on some level. Dark humor is popular with generations who've experienced multiple traumatic events in their lives, and all kinds of stories that feature both dark humor and anxiety-inducing events, from Deadpool to Toy Story, are relatable to Millennials.

9 They Are Forgettable

Some fans think that the comic version of 'Pool wasn't even worthy of bringing to the big screen. caan_academy says that he was "just another Rob Liefield creation who happened to talk too much. He was this forgettable villain." The user is annoyed with the anti-hero's constant need to issue a quip on everything.

While it's true that Deadpool always seems to have something to say, most fans enjoy the Deadpool comic books and movies because of the titular character's snark factor. The films, which have rendered Wade into a much more mouthy merc, have only fueled the franchise's popularity, proving that audiences want more one-liners.

8 Modern Versions Don't "Get" Deadpool

Fans who've been with Deady-Pool for the long haul may love his different incarnations, and most readers understand that characters undergo many arcs in comic book storylines. Some, however, can't stand the modern updates that Wade Wilson has had beneath creators like Skottie Young and Daniel Way, with users like ImmortalThunderGod79 lamenting, "I hope there is people out there who share my frustration that Deadpool is very misunderstood as a character."

These fans take Wade's development seriously, arguing that modern writers miss his nuances. They may have a point. That doesn't make their work any less popular for the millions of fans who do enjoy the more "bumbling" version of DP. Amidst the stresses of the modern world, it's understandable that many readers might prefer a more light-hearted approach.

7 Deadpool Is Overrated

The comic and movie's mixed messages and Deadpool himself's lack of limitations are why "Deadpool is an overrated character... period," according to Darth_Spectre_Lair's unpopular opinion. The user explains that the character's lack of morals, realism, and boundaries between being a kid's or an adult's character are what render him overrated.

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Most fans might argue the opposite, given not only how popular Deadpool comics and films are but how much fans love an ambiguous hero. The black-and-white lines of comics and films are gone, and fans prefer the blurred edges of a complicated hero and villain. The lack of realism in the comics, which is certainly strong, is also a draw to readers, providing a comical escape from reality.

6 The Comic And Its Fans Are Stupid

The opinions of users like Runnin_Mike take a jab at both the series and its followers, saying "Part of what makes Deadpool worse for me are the fans." Several Redditors agree that the comic and the fans are either stupid or pretentious, arguing that DP fans think that only Deadpool breaks the fourth wall, and that they are all experts, having come to the comics after the film.

Gatekeeping who can like a fandom and how they can express it should be unpopular to express. This is especially true for fans who demand "newbies" demonstrate some form of adequate fandom knowledge through random fact recitation, or be proven "fake fans" when they don't know a character's birthday or shoe size. People should get to like what they like without being insulted for it.

5 Deadpool Is Shallow

While Redditor TheUniquestUsername finds DP funny, the user also says " if you take away humour, he doesn't exist." In other words, remove Deadpool's one-liners and there is no substance left.

Most fans of the comics would argue the opposite, especially given all of the hardships and horrors the merc has faced. Between his mental illness, trauma, and the many sacrifices he's made to save a life--often causing himself more suffering in the process--Wade certainly isn't a one-dimensional character. He is also incredibly lonely, doesn't sleep well, and is a father or father figure, which all lead to various storylines and give him more depth. Deadpool teams up with interesting friends and love interests, and his layers are often revealed in these alliances.

4 The Fourth Wall Breaking Makes Him Too Easy To Write

Some Reddit users believe that the fourth-wall-breaking tactic has been overused in the comics, making Wade too easy to write. RoflTLizard even suggests that it was once a nod to the fans, but now it's a writer trick "and more of trying to be hip with the kids."

This unpopular opinion might have some merit with select fans just because it's a subjective matter of taste. Some people love it when DP talks to them and breaks the fourth wall. When classic DP made asides to the reader, it may have had the same effect, which would make this complaint more of a generational issue than an actual writing problem, too. Fans generally like his meta humor and find it to be one of the things that should stay the same about Deadpool when he joins the MCU.

3 The Pacing Is Slow

According to Reddit user MrMellow91, Deadpool Classic Volume 1 was simply too slow. The user found it so sedate that the question was even asked, "When does classic Deadpool start getting really good?"

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It's a painful observation for fans of the classic comics, which truly aren't as fast-paced as the more recent comics. They are especially slow when compared to the films, which have attracted many modern Deadpool readers to the franchise to begin with. If movie viewers visit the DP pages hoping to find the same kind of action they've enjoyed with Ryan Reynolds, they may be sadly disappointed with the earlier versions of the character.

2 There Are Funnier Superheroes

Along the same vein of the unpopular opinion that the Deadpool comics aren't funny is the idea that plenty of other Marvel comics are funnier, which is held by Reddit user HunterTheHoly1, who states, "The thing about Deadpool that really irks me is that people often claim he's the funniest superhero. This is something I definitely disagree with. "

As with many complaints about Deadpool, HunterTheHoly1 has a point. In the comic books, Spider-Man can be quite funny, a side-by-side comparison of Spidey's best humor alongside Wade's worst would definitely prove this point. People have made many memes featuring Spider-Man's hilarious comic moments. The fact that 'Pool and Spidey are often thrown together for humorous purposes only proves that they're both funny characters.

1 The Humor Is Lowbrow

Several Reddit users want to know if they are the only ones who don't like Deadpool, claiming that the lowbrow humor is why. afteri86 complains that the writing is nothing but "fart jokes with puns sprinkled throughout," and I_am_the_cosmos compares the humor to what a 12-year-old boy might say.

Everyone has their own sense of humor, and these issues have some merit. There are definitely moments in the Deadpool comic books where the humor is weak or of the toilet variety. That doesn't render them unlikeable for many people, though. What's great about this opinion is that it's delivered in a fairly matter-of-fact way, proving that people can have differing opinions about characters and comics and still engage in respectful discourse.

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