DC Just Brought Back Wonder Woman's Original Costume

Warning: contains major spoilers for Wonder Woman #777!

The iconic outfit that Wonder Woman wears in DC Comics has been an integral part of her character since her first appearance. Over the years, there have been variations on her costume, but it generally has a tendency to revert back in one iteration or another. Now, in Wonder Woman #777, the titular heroine's original outfit has come back for her journey to a different Earth.

Wonder Woman has been traveling between worlds and dimensions throughout the "Afterworlds" arc. In each new location she goes to, she receives a new outfit fitting the setting. This issue has her visiting Earth-11, a gender-bending world where Batman's counterpart is a woman and Wonder Woman's counterpart is a man. Even with the changes, this world brings back a familiar outfit.

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Wonder Woman #777 has the creative team of Michael W. Conrad, Becky Cloonan, Emanuela Lupacchino, Wade Von Grawbadger, Jordie Bellaire, and Pat Brosseau. It sees Wonder Woman fighting in the outfit she wore when she starred in Sensation Comics back in the 1940s. Her red top has the golden eagle on it and her gold tiara has her red star on it. She has a blue star-spangled skirt, complete with a white waistband. Her gauntlets are silver, and she has red boots with white stripe detailing.

Everything about Wonder Woman's outfit screams classic. Seeing it return is fantastic, especially since this world is a bizarre version of her own. It would have been easy to use one of her modern outfits, but throwing back to her early days brings the character back to her roots. This is especially necessary since her male counterpart is less than heroic. Considering her long history as a hero and the modernization of her over time, it is refreshing to see Wonder Woman have a throwback moment.

At times in her history, Wonder Woman was still subject to outdated notions of femininity - such as when she refused to get tape off of her eyes to avoid ruining her eyelashes in an early appearance. But despite her misogynistic early framing, Wonder Woman's outfits have since tended to be stunning and beautiful, all without hindering her ability to fight. This issue brings together the best aspects of her early days with the best aspects of her today. She is far more sensible and she doesn't tolerate Wonder Man's misogyny - and neither does her companion, Siegfried.

When she arrived in Valhalla, Diana sported her armor reimagined in Norse fashion. She also had a Renaissance-style dress in the fairy realm of Elfhame. Now, she gets to revisit her own classic look. The color tones have been updated from her debut, with the overall outfit looking more subdued than early appearances. Her gauntlets are more of a visual focal point as a result, highlighting her method of combat and shielding.  Wonder Woman is continually moving forward and growing, but on occasion, this DC Comics Goddess can still throw back to the best parts of her history - particularly where fashion is concerned. This costume is too classic to ever go out of style.

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