Captain Marvel's Cat Comes To DC Comics, With A Twist

Warning: contains major spoilers for Suicide Squad: Get Joker #1 and #2!

The MCU introduced audiences to the Flerken in Captain Marvel, but now DC Comics has introduced a quirky variation on this species. Suicide Squad: Get Joker #2 continues to show how one of the Squad's newest members is actually very much like a Flerken - albeit in human form. This grotesque twist makes for some rather startling moments.

Flerkens are alien creatures that look like cats, but they have tentacles in their mouths. In the film Captain Marvel, Goose is a Flerken. He is not Captain Marvel's only alien feline companion, as in the comics, she travels with one named Chewie. Now, DC has introduced a character that similarly has tentacles in her mouth, though she is a human and not an alien - as far as anyone knows right now.

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Suicide Squad: Get Joker has the creative team of Brian Azzarello, Alex Maleev, Matt Hollingsworth, and Jared K. Fletcher. This three-issue Black Label series is pitting a Jason Todd-led Suicide Squad against the Joker, but at every turn the job is getting harder. This team includes Harley Quinn, Pebbles, Silver Banshee, Plastique, Wild Dog, Yonder Man, Firefly, and Meow Meow. Many of these characters are new, including Meow Meow - DC's own human Flerken.

During a confrontation in a bar within Suicide Squad: Get Joker #1, Meow Meow exhibits her power for the first time. Typically she wears a black face mask to hide her disfigured mouth. However, underneath the mask, she has one long tongue with two additional tendrils alongside it. These tongues can be used to stab, which is how they are used in the first issue, killing a man. In Suicide Squad: Get Joker #2, Meow Meow shows that she can also use them to grab or wrap around things. When confronted by Joker's associates, she lashes her tongues out and wraps it around one of their arms and disarms his gun from his hand. In addition to showing her different ways of attacking, this series also shows her snacking habits, as she eats ants - something she has done since she was young.

Meow Meow may not be an alien, but her tongue is certainly fearsome and highly reminiscent of Marvel's Flerken. Additionally, her name even implies a feline connection. Her tongue isn't her only special ability, as this Suicide Squad member is said to be a "necrotic" who can "kill cells and rot tissue locally through contact", though this power hasn't really been seen yet. Meow Meow's skills are positively terrifying, though it doesn't seem like being so scary is her overall intention. She asks Silver Banshee if she thinks she could have been a hero, which means that at some level she believes she could be a force for good. Her appearance makes it very unlikely that any heroic efforts she might undertake would be appreciated, so DC Comics' Flerken probably won't be a hero any time soon and Captain Marvel likely wouldn't find her nearly as companionable as Goose or Chewie.

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