Bridgerton Season 2 Would Be Better Without A Simon Cameo

Regé-Jean Page has refused to say whether or not he'll appear in Bridgerton season 2, but the Netflix series might actually be better without a cameo from Simon Basset. Page was the clear breakout star of the show’s first season, and many fans were disappointed to learn that his Simon wouldn’t be returning in Bridgerton season 2. But while the absence of the Duke of Hastings may hurt the show in part, a cameo appearance wouldn’t do it any favors either.

Bridgerton season 1 was all about the love story between Simon and Daphne, and Page and Phoebe Dynevor sold that relationship phenomenally. It's due to their individual talents and shared onscreen chemistry that Bridgerton became such an overnight sensation. Therefore, it’s natural for fans to hope for some glimpse of Simon in season 2. The point has been made by many that Simon and Daphne’s story is over, and that it may be better for the show to focus on the rest of its ensemble going forward, but that hasn’t stopped people from hoping that page might return in some capacity in Bridgerton season 2.

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Unfortunately, a cameo from Simon would be worse for Bridgerton than having no Simon at all. Because the character looms so large in the fandom of the show, any indication that he’s returning and any scene featuring him would distract from the rest of the story. It’s clear that Simon isn’t central to the story of Bridgerton season 2, which will focus on Anthony’s love life. And any cameo that Page would be willing to do would be small enough as to be inconsequential to the story. With all that in mind, Bridgerton would be better off just leaving Simon out of the season entirely and dedicating all of its focus on Anthony, Lady Whistledown, and the rest of the cast.

When the news of Simon's Bridgerton season 2 absence was first announced, it seemed impossible that the show could thrive without him. But if the new stories for the other characters are still compelling, Bridgerton should be fine. Simon’s position as duke is a perfectly plausible explanation as to why he won’t be around for most of season 2, especially since his estate is so far from London.

While it’s easy to view Page as the key reason for Bridgerton season 1’s success, he wasn’t the only one. The show features a massive ensemble filled with talented stars, and the aesthetic design of the series was also a huge part of what made it such a hit. All of those things are alive and well in Bridgerton season 2, and they’d be better off taking center stage and pushing the series into uncharted territory than risk being overshadowed by a brief and distracting cameo from Simon.

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