Breath of the Wild Flight Glitch Lets Link Torment Hated Flower NPC

A glitch in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild allows players to torment the flower-loving NPC, Magda. The exploit known as the moon jump can breathe new life into Breath of the Wild, providing new ways for players to traverse BOTW's Hyrule and beyond by gliding over the ground as if flying.

Players have been discovering Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild exploits, secrets, and glitches since the game's release in 2017. The Nintendo Switch title is a polished and clean release, with game-breaking bugs few and far between. However, many players have found ways to use unexpected and hidden features, some useful for speedrunners, and some just for fun. Plenty of exploits and glitches have been discovered over the years, including a glitch that turns the game's third-person perspective into first, and even a way to prevent Ganon from spawning in BOTW's Hyrule Castle.

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Reddit user BelowAverageFish has shared a clip of the moon jump exploit being used to harass Magda, the NPC who guards the Hila Rao Shrine with her flower garden. Players must avoid stepping on her flowers to avoid her wrath as they make their way to the Shrine's entrance, but BelowAverageFish uses the gliding glitch to soar through the flowers, mowing them down in their path, and even almost hitting Madga with their weapon. The hilarious clip has caused a stir on Reddit as Link takes revenge on both Magda and her flowers.

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The Breath of the Wild glitch is one that can be recreated by those looking to cause similar problems for other NPCs in the game. As explained by BelowAverageFish, players need to jump into the air and do a backflip, while simultaneously attacking with a one-handed weapon. This puts Link into what's described as a standing/sliding state. Not stopping the attack before hitting the ground allows players to slide over the ground with a weapon out, which will stay stuck until hitting water or being knocked out of the state. The exploit has endless opportunities for hilarity within the game's expansive world.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild moon jump trick has proved useful for speedrunners in the past, and will likely continue to help those trying to beat the game as fast as possible, but it's also a fun thing to try even for casual players. Getting the timing right can be tricky, but the outcome is worth the effort to enjoy a new way of traveling through the game. Breath of the Wild is still surprising players to this day, and the game could still hold more secrets even now.

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Source: Reddit/BelowAverageFish

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