Big Brother: Andy Herren Calls Tiffany His 'Favorite Player Of All Time'

Andy Herren named Tiffany Mitchell his all time favorite Big Brother player. Andy competed on season 15 of the show. He stayed inside the Big Brother house all summer long in 2013 before taking home the half a million dollar grand prize on finale night. Andy was crowned the winner by a 7-2 jury vote against GinaMarie Zimmerman. Andy, like many past players, continues to actively watch the show every summer.

History was made during season 23 of Big Brother this summer. The six-person dominating alliance the Cookout was formed during the early days of the season. The all-Black alliance is made up of Tiffany as well as Xavier Prather, Kyland Young, Derek Fraizer, Hannah Chaddha and Azah Awasum. Together, the group devised a mission to make it to final six, ultimately ensuring this season would consist of the show's first ever Black winner. Now that they have completed their mission, the group of six is forced to turn against each other and start playing their own individual games.

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Andy, along with many other former Big Brother players have been tuning into the current season of the show. On Twitter, Andy revealed that he is not only rooting for Tiffany but she is his "favorite houseguest of all-time." Prior to this season, Andy's favorite past Big Brother player was Lorenza "Renny" Martyn who competed on season 10. During Sunday night's episode of Big Brother, Kyland Young won power yet again. He ultimately decided to nominate Tiffany alongside Hannah. Although the veto competition will not be seen until Wednesday's episode, live-feed viewers already know the outcome of the power. This is what sparked Andy's tweet.

Andy admitted that he had become quite emotional after learning that Kyland won the Power of Veto this week. He had been hoping Tiffany would win in order to pull herself off of the block. Unfortunately, as Tiffany remains on the block, she is in fact Kyland's target. Over the last 20 years of watching Big Brother, Andy admitted, "No player has inspired me like Tiffany did this season." Tiffany has played a strong game this season. Not only has she been devoted to the Cookout alliance, she devised the masterplan to ensure the safety of the alliance and was forced to back-door her best ally outside of the alliance, Claire Rehfuss. Other former players that have been rooting for Tiffany include Big Brother legends Janelle Pierzina and Dan Gheesling.

Although Tiffany did not win the Power of Veto this week and will remain on the block come eviction night, she still has a chance to save her Big Brother game. Tiffany has an awful lot of convincing to do between now and Thursday night's live episode; however, anything is possible. As longtime Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves always says, "Expect the Unexpected."

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Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8pm EST on CBS.

Source: Andy Herren/ Twitter

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