Battlefield 2042 Teases Unlockable Red-and-Black Weapon, Vehicle Skins

A look at Battlefield 2042's upcoming beta gives players a glimpse at a few of the game's stylish unlockable cosmetics. The first-person shooter, developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts, will take the beloved franchise into a brand-new near-future setting. The Battlefield 2042 beta's release date and map were recently revealed, with players able to get their hands on the game in early October.

October 6 will open up Battlefield 2042's beta, with gamers who pre-ordered the exciting shooter getting first access. All other players will have to wait until October 8 to jump in, with the beta ending on October 10 for all players. This open beta test will be similar to Battlefield 2042's recent technical playtest, which brought players to the dynamic Orbital map for the series' signature game mode Conquest. Conquest tasks players with capturing and defending control points across massive maps, with the objective being to control the entire map to push out the enemy team. The upcoming title's Orbital map sees players engaging on a giant rocket launchpad, with the rocket primed and approaching launch the longer the match drags on. The rocket can even detonate during the match, which will result in the Battlefield series' signature environmental destruction changing the layout of the map.

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A breakdown of Battlefield 2042's upcoming beta from Electronic Arts details the futuristic shooter's progression and cosmetic systems. The game's progression system will motivate players to complete match objectives, with more experience being earned through objectives than enemy kills. Ribbons are a particularly efficient way to earn experience, with certain tasks like supporting teammates and disrupting enemies increasing the experience earned at the end of the match. Levelling up will allow players to earn new Specialists, gadgets, weapons, vehicles, and cosmetic items.

The customization options added in Battlefield 2042's can be earned through player progression or purchased from an in-game store. Skins for Specialists, weapons, and vehicles come in various rarities, giving players multiple tiers to climb. For example, Tier 1 skins all appear to follow an awesome red and black color scheme. Specialist skins of medium rarity consist of two components (Headgear and Body), while the ultra-rare Legendary skins act as a single connected piece. Weapon skins also apply to the entire weapon, but guns will also have cosmetic charms which can be added to almost any firearm in the game. Finally, vehicles will possess both skins and decals for players to equip, adding an abundance of customization options to Battlefield 2042's heavy machinery.

As the newest title in the iconic military shooter franchise, Battlefield 2042 is pushing the envelope with brand-new content and increased player options. The series' classic emphasis on gunplay, environmental destruction and vehicles is being maintained and enhanced through the addition of new mechanics. One massive addition coming in Battlefield 2042 is Portal Mode, which will bring classic maps from the franchise's past into the modern-day. Patrol Mode will introduce six maps from three previous Battlefield games, will several settings allowing players to set up their custom game modes.

With an updated progression system and cosmetic options, Battlefield 2042 looks to give players ample rewards for their in-game performance. An emphasis on completing objectives and supporting teammates will hopefully dissuade players from running off and fighting alone. Instead, players who want to earn rewards quickly and efficiently will work as a squad and target objectives, which will give their side a much greater chance of success.

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Battlefield 2042 will release on November 19, 2021, for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: Electronic Arts

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